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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ—Even if the only news you receive is via the internet, surely you are familiar with the new (as of Saturday, October 7, 2023) invasion of the Hamas (Muslims) into Israel (primarily Jewish.)  This is not just a boundary dispute.  Hamas has said they will not stop until there is not a Jew left in the world.  They mean it.
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Hamas is not just after Jews; they are, after all, "infidels."  That means you and me, too.  They have declared Friday, October 13, "The Day of Jahid" worldwide.  They have already started to attack Paris, and every police officer in New York City has been called up - in full uniform.  There are no vacations or days off.  In Washington, DC, Capitol Police have called up extra officers.  Even West Coast cities are on alert.
America didn't have a warning before the 9/11 attacks.  No one knows if the threatened Jihad is real, but can America afford to take a chance?  Regardless of the name used, Taliban, ISIS, etc., these people have vowed to kill all infidels; the Jews are just first.
Remember Black Lives Matter?  They are still around, just quieter at the moment.  After all the rioting, injuring many, killing a few police officers, and burning cities, some Gloucester City residents organized a BLM walk culminating with "taking a knee."
Hamas has killed thousands of Israeli Jews, even to the point of beheading babies and making the parents watch.  They have burned people alive.  All "for the cause."  So many people have stopped believing in the Holocaust.  They claim that it never happened.  Not only did it happen during the Second World War, but it is also happening again. NOW.
If Gloucester City people can arrange a walk (and kneel) for violence, can they also arrange a walk for a group who are the recipients of violence just because of their religion?  Remember, if you "take a knee" this time, you are kneeling to God and a Jew's God is our God.