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Five Reasons To Be Cautious Around Party Drugs This Holiday Season


We’re coming up to the time of the year when party season is very much amongst us. It’s a time of year many of us love, from work nights out to the big club nights that happen as the nights close in quicker and the festive period kicks off.


It’s a chance to let our hair down and have a dance. 

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For many people, partaking in recreational drugs is also a big part of that, and during the festive period party drug consumption is very much on the rise. However, it can cause all manner of problems, both short term and long, with the likes of ketamine drug addiction among the roughest and difficult things to climb your way out of.


It’s incredibly important to be cautious around party drugs at this time of year. With just a few months to Christmas, the last thing you want to do is make it one to remember for all the wrong reasons.


With that in mind, here are five reasons to be cautious…


We’ll start with the obvious and most lethal - overdosing. Every year, including this year, we see young people killed as a result of overdosing on drugs, not necessarily because they’ve taken too many drugs, but because the drugs sold to them are so harmful it’s occured.


It’s the same during festival season. Rogue drugs can cause serious problems, leaving not only yourself in big trouble, but your family in pieces too.

Cardiovascular problems

Many party drugs can cause heart palpitations that could be fatal, particularly for those with pre-existing heart conditions. Many of us aren’t aware of such conditions within our body so one ecstasy tab could well be fatal.

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What’s more, party drugs can lead to higher blood pressure and increased heart rates, making you much more susceptible to a heart attack.

It could be the start of an addiction

While you may suffer no health problems as a result of a big night out, over time consistent use could well lead to addiction, which can result in life threatening problems. Addiction is a cruel beast and can rip apart people’s lives as well as their family’s too.


And it can all start from that one experiment. That one moment in a nightclub that can impact the rest of your life.

Legal implications

Of course, there are legal implications too. Party drugs are illegal and possession of them can lead to criminal charges. A criminal record can have a huge impact on the rest of your life, from getting jobs to travelling and more. Is it worth it?

Actions as a result of being under the influence

Finally, we all know the influence drugs and alcohol can have on us. They let our guard down and release our inhibitions. It’s the reason many people consume them. But, be careful of your actions as a result of the drug. You don’t want to find yourself being unfaithful to partners and the like. While not a direct health implication, it could change your life forever. That said, people are more likely to be careless under the influence, and we all know about the diseases you can pick up from unprotected sex…


Finally, be careful. Drugs can leave people feeling unwell and vulnerable, and unfortunately there are people out there that will take advantage of that. While it’s not because of your actions that this can happen, the last thing you do want to do is make yourself a target. Be safe.


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