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Could You Drive Overseas?

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews
GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 12, 2023)(CNBNews)Whenever an American goes to another country we always find things a little different.  Some things are minor (eating a late dinner) and other things just can't be tolerated (warm beer!)  Well, let's see if you could drive overseas.  Here are a few things that are just not accepted in foreign countries:
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Red cars are forbidden in Shanghai, China (they attract more accidents.)
Radar detectors are forbidden in Switzerland.  Fines are based on a person's income and prison is possible.
Loud music emanating from a car in Australia (can be heard 50 meters or 164 feet) warrants a $200 AUD fine ($128 USD.)  We have a similar law which is rarely enforced.
Driving with one hand is forbidden in Cyprus.
Running out of gas will get you a $75 fine in Germany.
If you live in Thailand you cannot drive a car without a shirt.  (no shirt, no shoes, no drive)
In Dubai camels have the right-of-way.
Using car horns is forbidden in parts of India (congested urban areas.)
Diesel cars are forbidden in Athens, Greece (they cause smog.)
In which countries could you drive?