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4 Best Customer Retention Strategies

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For businesses, especially SaaS and subscription businesses, customer retention rate is a very important metric. For such businesses, increasing customer retention is the key to sustainable business growth. Most businesses aim to have a customer retention rate close to 100%, but anything above 90% is considered low.


Of course, it is impossible to retain every single customer every month, but if a business has an extremely low customer retention rate, it means that the business has to implement different strategies. Below, we have mentioned some of the best customer retention strategies that actually work and will allow you to retain a greater percentage of customers.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Support

Providing top-notch, high-quality customer support is paramount to customer retention. The quality of customer support that your business provides can make or break your customers. Customers love it when they get help from a business to overcome any issue that they are facing, be it a failed payment, a product bug, a malfunctioning product, or anything else.


By providing proactive, helpful, and top-notch customer support, you can make sure that the customers are satisfied. This includes answering customer inquiries quickly, helping them with onboarding, and troubleshooting any problems in a prompt manner.


Additionally, you can also regularly check in with customers to create more opportunities for engagement, even when they are not looking to leave. This is a strategy that is employed by popular businesses like Mercedes-Benz to increase their customer retention.

Have a Smooth Customer Onboarding Process

Having a smooth customer onboarding process can enhance the customer experience and lead to increased customer retention. Businesses that have a subscription model can implement an effective onboarding process to show customers how they can use their products or services in real life to achieve what they want.


An effective customer onboarding process includes an intuitive sign-up process, a welcome email, guidance during initial login, and instructions on how to use the product or service. This will help you a lot in enhancing the overall customer experience and increasing the customer retention rate.

Customer Education

Along with other things, customer education also plays a vital role in customer retention. Top brands that have high retention rates, like Albertsons, make sure that they empower their customers with knowledge related to their products and services. By educating your customers on how to use your products or services effectively, you can help them achieve what they want from your products or services more quickly.


To educate and empower your customers with knowledge, provide resources and information that help them use your products or services more effectively. This could include how-to guides, video tutorials, informative blog posts, webinars, and step-by-step guides.

Make Feedback Easier

Listening to your customers and getting feedback from them is a great and effective way to discover what’s working for them and what issues they are facing with your products or services. To increase customer retention, focus on making it easier for customers to give feedback, such as through surveys, reviews, or direct communication.


Once you have user feedback, act on it and analyze it to identify areas for improvement and understand what’s working well. Customers love it when their suggestions and feedback are taken into consideration by the company, as it shows them that their opinions and feedback matter.


Make sure that you don’t make customer feedback a one-time endeavor. It should be an ongoing process, and you should continuously seek feedback from customers, analyze it, and implement changes. A continuous approach to improvement will demonstrate your commitment to serving your customers better and foster loyalty. 7