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Why Did Gloucester City Property Taxes Increase By A $1000

Many residents of Gloucester City were shocked to see their property taxes increase this year by as much as $1,000, and in some cases even more. When this happens someone has to look into the reason why.  There will be several, no many, allocations of your tax money which may surprise you but the one documented below should startle you. Images-3
Conner, Strong, & Buckelew (read this as King George Norcross) is hereby appointed as Risk Management Consultant.  The services are provided through Camden County Joint Insurance Fund and there is not a specific cost associated with the service.
Here is what this means:  The money goes through two companies but eventually ends with George Norcross.
There may be services provided or not provided.  We, the taxpayers, don't really need to know what services are preformed, if any are.
We have no idea how much King George is getting from the taxpayers of Gloucester City.  It could be $1 or $1 million.  Our money is going to Conner, et. al. but we have no right to know who, what, when, where, how or why.
It should be noted that in the school year 2022 - 23 the Board of Education also used Conner, et. al.  so the city is putting money into Norcross's right pocket and the Board of Education is putting money into his left pocket.