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OPINION: Gloucester City Council Caucus Meeting Sept. 18

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist
Each month, the Gloucester City Council and other officials hold a caucus meeting to plan what needs to be discussed at the regular Council meeting the following week.  The caucus meeting this month will be Monday, September 18th, and the regular Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 25th.  Here is the agenda for this month.
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Proposed Update to Personnel Policies (city employees)
        Employee Rights and Responsibilities
        Workplace Policies
        Paid and Unpaid Time Off
        Compensation and Employee Benefit Policies
        Additional Policies
Returned checks.  This is public information so it appears in both the caucus and council agenda but will not be shown here.  What is important is that usually there are 3 or 4 returned checks.  This month, there are 12.  That is four times usual.  We know that taxes have increased by as much as $1,000 per year.  Add to that the overall economy and the average person is hurting.  
Safe Treatment of Minors
Urban Enterprize Zones
Amending [increasing] fees for Planning, Housing, Plumbing and Electrical permits.
The last line of all these changes is "Be it further resolved that the Administrator, and any designees the Administrator sees fit appropriate are authorized to carry out and implement the policies and procedures above." 
A non-attorney, layperson interprets this statement to say Brian Morrell and anyone he chooses can implement whatever part of these policies he/they choose to.  Once the resolution then ordinance is passed, Brian Morrell and friends have complete control.  Nowhere is there a further requirement to meet, vote, or announce an issue.  Remember, this is the interpretation of a non-attorney layperson.   
The agenda looks like just more review, blah, bla, bla, but if you take the time to really read it and interpretate what you are reading, you will find that our taxes have already been increased, more people than ever before can't afford the increase, if you want to make changes to your home, the plan review will cost more, and when we see the new policies, most likely city employees will get more and the taxpayers will pay for it.