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Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews Columnist
It appears that some people think that handicapped parking spots are "suggestions."  They are not.
Here in Gloucester City, it was brought to the attention of the Dollar Tree that they have no parking spaces reserved for handicapped drivers.  Now the problem has been sent to the corporate offices.  Let's see if the problem is addressed. Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 08.08.43
In Deptford, the Walmart (Clement's Bridge Road) employees use handicapped parking spots during their entire shift.  We all know that not all disabilities are visible but on two occasions cars, without a placard or HC license plate, were parked in the reserved spots.  On each occasion the employee came out to either put something into the car or take something from the car and then return to work.  Walmart's management has been notified.
Just today in a senior citizen's complex in Clementon, a man blocked the handicapped spots by parking caddy-corner.  A 90 year-old woman, who weighs all of 90 some pounds and has osteoporosis, asked the man to move his car so she could pass.  The very annoyed man got out of his car, physically picked up the woman and moved HER so he didn't have to move his car.  That is probably a lawsuit in the process.
Let's go back to Gloucester City.  Over the summer someone drove his U-Haul truck into my car and, of course didn't stop.  When I noticed it, I reported it to the police and they couldn't have been more helpful.  They even took out my trash when they left.  What's more, the followed up!  I couldn't have asked for more.  Being handicapped, I have a tend to fall a lot.  The EMTs and I are on a first name basis.  Again, they couldn't be nicer or more helpful.
Sadly, there is one in every barrel.  On Labor Day I pulled into the CVS parking lot but couldn't use one of the handicapped parking spaces.  There was a police SUV parked catty-corner, blocking both parking spaces and the striped area between.  At first, I assumed that there must be an emergency so I waited but when I did, I noticed on the back of the SUV "School Resource Officer."  WHAT?  Then a man came out of the store with his purchases, got into the SUV and drove away.  I still couldn't pull in; the School Resource Officer had pulled so close to the next car that an elderly man couldn't get out of his car.  
I reported this to part-time Chief of Police, Brian Morrell.  I said that I was going to start out being nice and I thought I was.  However, since Labor Day I have heard nothing - as is usual.  But, this has brought several questions to my mind.
First, why does this officer think he can take up two handicapped parking spots and park so close to another car as to block the driver just to do his shopping?  Could you do this with no penalty?  Then, why does a school resource officer need his personal SUV.  Most likely he works 180 days a year but we, the taxpayers have to pay for the car, gas, insurance, and maintenance?  
Of all the good things the police officers and EMTs have done for me, this man, obviously on his own time, has tarnished.  As is the case with Dollar Tree and Walmart, this will go to a higher level.