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FOND MEMORIES OF THE BROWN STREET SCHOOL-Today, the demolition process of Brown Street School, Brown and Somerset Streets commenced. Gloucester City taxpayers will bear the cost of $324,265 for this work. Caravella Demolition, based in Newark, NJ, is the contractor assigned to carry out this task.

The contract outlines the specific duties that Caravella must perform.

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1. Environmental/Asbestos Abatement 11,800 SF

2. Demolition of Former School Structures, Contents and All Other Debris Whether Above or Below Ground at 51 South Brown Street, Block 151 Lot 15, Final Restorations and Grading to within 6" of Final Surface Grade 1 UN

3. Demolition of Existing Site Improvements and Removal of Impervious Surfaces, 6" to 12" Depth 10,000 SF

4. Backfilling 6" Subbase 240 CY

5. Topsoil to Grade, 6" Thick, Seed, Fertilizer, and Straw 13,000 SF Mulch Restorations

6. AST Removal and Disposal 1 UN

7. UST Removal and Disposal 1 UN

8. Liquid Fuel Removal and Disposal 1,500 GAL Add Alternate A1—Environmental/Asbestos Monitoring, Sampling, and Reporting.

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THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD - RJM construction company recently moved their heavy equipment onto a Cherry Street vacant lot located in a Gloucester City residential neighborhood. Can you imagine the surprise of the neighbors when they first saw this flotilla of machinery being parked next to their homes?  The owner of the equipment is Jamie McGee, a longtime City resident.

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The photos clearly show the unacceptable proximity of heavy machinery to nearby homes in the Cherry Street neighborhood. The ongoing issue of spot zoning is evident, and the cause is crystal clear. It is completely unjust to allow the storage of unsightly equipment and materials amidst residential homes. This must be addressed immediately to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Spot zoning has a drastic effect on the selling price of a home. Why this problem has never been fully addressed is a mystery. 

It appears the property is being prepared for a fence of some kind. Why the fence wasnt installed before the machinery was moved to the lot is not known. 

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According to Buzzfile,  RJM Construction Services primarily operates in the Lawn and Garden Services business/industry within the Agricultural Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 23 years. Rjm Construction Services is estimated to generate $378,088 in annual revenues and employs approximately three people at this single location.


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DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING--The Mansion House, situated at the junction of Jersey Avenue, Water Street, and King Street, is undergoing a significant transformation. Decades ago, the establishment was one of the numerous "watering holes" in Gloucester City, changing hands and names over the years. At some point, the building's second and third floors were used as a rooming house, but they were destroyed in a fire, leaving only the ground floor intact. Now, the Mansion House is set to become a Child Day Care Center.  (CNBNews photo credit)


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One of the many names for The Mansion House was Heavy's on the Harbor (CNBNews photo credit)

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STONE MARKER AT CHERRY HILL MALL—We visited the Apple computer store at the Cherry Hill Mall recently. As we left the store and headed towards the parking lot, this stone caught our eye. We were pleasantly surprised to see our City was mentioned in the description.

The inscription states that the Cherry Hill area was at times occupied by both forces in the Revolutionary War. In 1777, Continental soldiers joined with local farmers in destroying strategic bridges across the Newton and Timber Creeks to delay the Hessians who were marching toward REDBANK, where the Continental Army had set up a Fort which was the keystone of defense for the entire Delaware Valley area.


The Marquis De Lafayette camped on this site on his way to the Battle of Gloucester in March 1777. And, in 1778 General "Mad Anthony" Wayne and Count Pulaski routed British forces between here and Haddonfield. In an area hallowed by a score of such incidents involving farmers and soldiers, Famous figures of history, and anonymous patriots alike, Cherry is proud to commemorate all who made such notable local contributions to National destiny.


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LOOKING FORWARD TO FALL--I'm excited for the upcoming fall season! Last night, I witnessed a stunning sunset in South Jersey that made me reminisce about the past summer. Despite being advised to stay indoors due to the scorching heat in July and August, it's amusing to recall a time when air-conditioning wasn't even a concern. As kids, we were undeterred by the heat and spent most of our time outside, walking barefoot most of the time. At night if was too hot we searched for the coolest floor in the house. However, this summer brought a new concern as the sun was blocked out by smoke from wildfires in South Jersey and Canada. But, according to a recent Newswise article, New York hospitals only had a slight uptick in visits to emergency departments for breathing problems or asthma attacks, similar to those observed on high pollen count days.

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DOWN THE SHORE--As the summer season comes to a close, South Jersey beaches will become more peaceful and serene like the one above.

A senior citizen was overheard to say he was looking forward to the change in seasons. His loyal guard dog, CUJO, accompanied him. 

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"With the departure of the Shoobees, the streets become less congested and the boardwalk less crowded. The only sound to be heard is the rhythmic crashing of the waves along the shore." When asked about his furry companion, he revealed that CUJO is a mixed breed, with St. Bernard and Yorkie ancestry.