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Glenn Torgun, 61, of Las Vegas, formerly of Gloucester City


A Commendable Act of Kindness

Dear Mr. Cleary,

Sometimes, the negative aspects of Gloucester City overshadow the positive things that happen in our community. It's important to recognize and appreciate the good deeds that often go unnoticed. One such act of kindness was carried out by a resident named Matthew Pino. Screenshot 2023-08-20 at 01.16.05

On or around June 15th (the exact date is not known), Mr. Pino intervened when a theft was taking place at a Route 130 Liquor Store in Gloucester City.  Sadly, he sustained an injury in the process - he broke his foot. However, despite his injury, he continued to subdue the suspect.

In the early hours of July 14th, Mr. Pino once again showed his bravery by stopping the theft of his neighbor's ATV. He woke up in the middle of the night to investigate some suspicious sounds outside. Despite wearing a walking boot, he chased down the suspects and scared them off. Although he was unable to physically catch them, he called 911 and ensured that the victim's property was returned safely. 


Signed Andrew Brandt


EDITOR'S NOTE:  During our ownership of The Gloucester City News, we held an annual contest that focused on recognizing Acts of Kindness. We invited residents from the South Jersey area to nominate someone whom they believed deserved recognition for their Act of Kindness during the past year. The Dominican nuns would review each submission and select the individual who they felt deserved recognition for going above and beyond to help others or for performing some other good deed. This is similar to the story mentioned above.


If you have someone in mind that you would like to nominate, please send us a message detailing the reasons why you feel they deserve to be honored. Include your full name and contact information. We currently do not have any judges for the entries, but we will find some individuals to fulfill that role. Additionally, as an incentive, we are offering a $25 cash prize to the person who submits the winning entry and a $25 cash prize to the person who is selected.

The contest begins today, August 20. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS SEPTEMBER 19, 2023. Send your nomination to [email protected]