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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (August 28, 2023)(CNBNews)--If you bought or rented a house or apartment in Gloucester City, you probably had to sign a Lead Paint Waiver.  There are very few houses built after 1978, the cutoff date for using lead paint in residential properties. 
Most of the properties between Broadway and the river were built around or before 1900.  East of Broadway to Johnson Boulevard, houses were built between 1900 and 1925.  We tend to think of Cyprus Gardens homes as being "new," but they were built in the 1950s.  Other than the houses on the former Starlite property, there are very few post-1978-built homes. 
What this used to mean was signing a form saying you were aware that the property you were buying/ renting could have lead paint.  Then, most people rolled their eyes and promised not to eat paint chips, and everyone went on his way.  No one made money that way.
So, things had to change.  Think of a "fee" as a new tax, and New Jersey is so good at taxing its residents.  The state is now requiring all pre-1978  residences to be tested for lead paint.  Gloucester City has hired a company* to come in and test every residence by either "looking" for evidence or swiping areas that might contain lead.  Interestingly, this is an either/or situation for the whole community.
The Communities in our area that have to be swiped are Gloucester City, Brooklawn, Camden, Hi Nella, Laurel Springs, Lawnside, Merchantville, Runnemede, and Woodbury.  
Those towns that will only have a "visual inspection" are Cape May, Haddonfield, Woodlyn, Lindenwold, Paulsboro, Swedesboro, and Wenonah.
So, what is the difference?  Why does Brooklawn (1917ish homes) have the more expensive test and Haddonfield and Cape May (late 1800 homes) have the cheaper test?  
Woodlyn is next to Camden.  Camden and Woodlyn are on different sides of the same street.  They have different requirements.  Why?
There is another criterion which might explain the difference.  It depends if 3% or more of children, age six or under, are identified with blood lead levels of 5ug/dl.  A blood or lancet test determines this.  Has your child aged six or under had blood drawn?  If not, how do you know?  The symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control,** are very similar to any other condition six-year-olds might encounter - delayed development, learning disabilities, irritability. Etc.  
Everyone on Gloucester City knows that we live in a historical town and with the good comes the bad.  What doesn't make sense is that for more than 120 years people lived in the same houses and there was never any sign of lead poisoning, or ADHD, or Dyslexia or any of the conditions "du jour."
There is no information yet about the cost involved in these tests.  If the homeowner wants to test paint himself, a kit can be bought for $8.99 (Amazon) or $12.50 (Ace Hardware.)  This is not an option in Gloucester City.
When the government gets involved, the National Average goes up to $300 to $400, plus the cost of abatement.  If a "risk assessment" is required, the cost can go up to $800 to $2,000.  Finally, whether you believe in prayer or not, you will want to pray that the paint does not have to be removed.  The cost of paint removal can go up to $15,000 to $20,000.***
If you rent, you can be sure that sooner or later, the cost will be passed on to you.  If you own, jiggle your piggy bank.  A "fee" (remember, a fee is another word for a tax.)