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Peyton and Me Meandering in June Through Gloucester City, Deptford and Mt. Ephriam

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Artist Frank Chappell


AWESOME! The mural on the Paul Street side of Carr's Hardware at 22 North Broadway is a stunning piece of art created by Frank Chappell as part of the City's Irishtown program. The Carr family expresses gratitude to Chappell, Gloucester City Mayor Dayl Baile, the city council, and Lori Ryan, Director of Gloucester City's Community Development. Ryan is also the city's Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) Coordinator. It's important to note that the City of Gloucester City participates in New Jersey's Neighborhood Preservation Program, which the NJ Department of Community Affairs manages.



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A BIG GOOSE EGG TO BAILE AND HIS ADMINISTRATION!--A Barnard Street resident upset that his street hasn't been repaved after waiting nearly two years for the work to be finished sent the following message to CNBNews to post on our page. "A Big Goose Egg to Mayor Dayl Baile, his City Council, City Administrator, City Engineers, and anyone else I might have forgotten. The taxpayers of Gloucester City spent $526,000 to install new sewers and infrastructure on our street. Before the street has even been repaved, a sinkhole has developed. Do any of you on the city council give a damm? Your lack of attention to our problem tells me NO. The temporary city administrator told me and my neighbors that the street would be paved by Christmas 2022. But when Christmas came, we were told it was too cold to finish the job, and we would have to wait until spring. Spring has come and gone, and summer is here. WE ARE STILL WAITING!!!"



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TURTLES EVERYWHERE--Peyton recently found this turtle near the Deptford Mall, in the middle of the street, during our walk. Several drivers almost hit the turtle. We carried it to the sidewalk area and said our goodbyes. In the distance was a swamp. Later we wondered if the turtle didn't live in the swamp but elsewhere. The face of this turtle seems almost human when you stare at it. There are 18 different turtle species living in New Jersey. We believe this turtle is an Eastern Painted Turtle or a Red Eared Slider.

According to the Eastern Painted Slider is found across NJ and prefers shallow waters, such as marshes and ponds. Or it could be a Red-Eared Slider. That species have olive green shells with yellow stripes on their scutes. Their heads are usually darker, with yellow band markings and distinctive red patches behind their eyes. These markings help to distinguish Red-eared Sliders from similar-looking species. These voracious omnivores mainly eat a diet of small fish, insects, and aquatic vegetation. A few years ago, published an article about the NJ Department of Environmental Protection warning drivers to look for turtles crossing the roads this summer. This is a nesting season — when adult female turtles move from their aquatic habitats, searching for ideal places to lay their eggs. The DEP says turtles will often travel long distances and cross roadways to find the right spot, putting them at risk from vehicles. Read More: Slow down: It's turtle nesting season in New Jersey


A few days later, we spotted this turtle digging a hole to lay her eggs near the high-tension wires across from the Cold Springs School, Gloucester City. We figured the turtle came from the nearby Creek, which separates Gloucester City from Brooklawn. That waterway was 200 yards away, if not further. The following day the hole was covered; the turtle, we named her Big Momma, was nowhere to be found. Over the next several days, we checked the area looking for the babies but found none. 

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LANE AVENUE PLAYGROUND-During the 50-plus years we lived in the vicinity of the Lane Avenue playground, we have noticed that some people believe the trash container above is their private dumpster. Most recently, the container was filled to the top in two days. If the individual has more trash than it will hold, the person piles it along the side of the container, like the white buckets in this photo. This practice is unsightly, and when the trash is stuffed to the top of the container, it is blown throughout the neighborhood on a windy day. 



BLACK HORSE DINER, MOUNT EPHRIAM--The new dining room that was added to the Black Horse Diner is now officially open. The work on the addition has been ongoing for some time. Try them if you are looking for a good meal at a reasonable price. The people working there go out of their way to wait on you, and the food is fabulous. 


TRAFFIC ACCIDENT IN THE 1000 UNIT BLOCK OF MARKET STREET- Does anyone know what happen to the sidewalk in front of the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Gloucester City recently? The sidewalk is caved in, and deep tire marks are on the grass.



THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SQUIRREL--We like to post a funny animal video at the end of our Peyton and Me columns. This video comes from an England couple, and it features a squirrel trying to maneuver an obstacle course with Mission Impossible music playing in the background.

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