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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (July 20, 2023)(CNBNews)--For the last three years, our "Chief of Police" has simultaneously served as our "City Administrator". Despite being intended as a temporary arrangement, this situation has persisted for an extended period. It is

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concerning that our City Administrator is responsible for representing the best interests of taxpayers while also being involved in labor negotiations with the police union, PBA Local 40. The Police Benevolent Association Local 40 is the collective bargaining unit representing the police officers employed by the residents of Gloucester City. Those negotiations involving the police chief/temporary city administrator could affect wage and pension increases for the position of Gloucester City police chief.


Recently the mayor and council approved a salary ordinance that included an increase for the police chief ranging from a minimum of $125,000 to a high of $240,000.

Previously the chief's position paid $144,000, but on  December 28, 2020, the mayor and council passed a resolution increasing the salary to $200,000 due to the chief being named temporary city administrator. 


INCREDIBLE! Salaries for Gloucester City Dept. Heads Range from $60,000 to $240,000

Something like this could only happen in Gloucester City, which is operating under an out-of-date system of special charter local government.  Only 11 out of 561 communities operate under these insufficient systems.  Why?  Because it’s the most non-professional, politically dominated system with little or no accountability to the taxpayer! 

Why are we considered one of the poorest towns in New Jersey with one of the highest-paid employees per capita in the state?  Why is this?  Is it that our local government does not want to rock the boat, or is it the battle cry of some of our employees who ask, “not what I can do for Gloucester but what Gloucester can do for me”? 

Some of these people have no problem collecting their paychecks and living out of town.  Don’t they think our community is good enough for them and their families?  A community is only a reflection of the quality of the people that live within it.  Get involved.  Time is running out!



former Gloucester City Mayor




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CORRECTION/UPDATE: Regarding Long-Time City Administrator Article

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