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Joseph V. Moore, Jr. of Blackwood, Member of International Union Painters and Allied Trades


Is The Whole World High?




GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ A(July 13, 2023)(CNBNews)--Here are a few articles which were in the news in just one day (July 10, 2024.)  It makes one wonder if the whole world is high on...whatever? 

In England the Archbishop of York is having a problem with The Lord's Prayer which starts "Our Father, who are in heaven..."  The Archbishop says that there are people who had problems with their fathers in their youth and the prayer might present a problem for them.  Really?  How many people fall into that category?  The gray-haired Catholics know what the answer is - go back to Latin! Feather_pen_ink_3_5

Probably everyone has heard of Ben & Jerry's ice cream from Vermont.   Vermont is a very "liberal" state - take that for what it is worth.  A few years back the duo sold the company to Unilever for $326 million.  Jerry took his share and faded into oblivion, but Ben has been busy with one half-baked idea after another.  His latest idea is this.  America stole our land from the Indians* (sad and true) and they have every right to take it back.  But...instead of moving the Empire State Building among thousands of other buildings, Ben decided that Mount Rushmore should be sanded down or erased, as a token of good faith.  South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem had a very respectful response and any day now she will probably stop laughing.  

Today, the Chief of the Abenaki Tribe (native to Vermont) told Ben and the Unilever directors that the land their ice cream factory is on was stolen from his people and he wants the factory razed.  Unilever wasn't very happy because the corporate stock lost $1 per share.  That might not seem like much but they have 21 billion shares of stock.  It took Bud Lite almost a week to lose $27 billion but Ben did it in one day.


The State of Michigan went a step further than Ben.  Their state government passed a law that anyone who uses an incorrect pronoun can be charged with a felony and, if found guilty, can be sentenced to prison and a fine in the thousands.  This doesn't have an ice cube's chance on appeal.  Let's think about this for a minute.  Is everyone going to wear a name tag that would say something like "Hello, My Name is Dorothy and my pronouns are she and her."  That doesn't sound very feasible but that is the only way of letting everyone know what my pronouns are and I would have to have my cell phone running to record someone using the wrong pronoun.  What if I'm not offended?



California is... well California.  First, let it be known that the state is bankrupt and has been for several years.  Governor Gavin Newsom planned to give heirs of slavery $1.2 million each.  San Francisco, once a beautiful city, has decided that $1.2 million isn't nearly enough. They have a civilian committee who offered $5 million per person.  They plan not only to give the money to heirs of slavery but also some people in prison for drug abuse.  They didn't say who in prison get paid and who doesn't, and the government officials haven't approved anything yet.  The $5 million per person will cost the state $800 billion.  By the way, in Southern California, White people are now a minority, so who pays?



A Point Pleasant, NJ Detective Commander, Joshua Gunnell, was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart.  He stole about $275 worth of odds and ends.  Walmart filed charges as they always say they will.  Gunnell was suspended without pay which is $141,840 a year.  Imagine, losing that much money for $275 worth of odds and ends.  One has to wonder if he will get his job and/or pension back.



*  Visitors to Indian reservations in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have all reported that they were told by the Indians that they don't want to be called Native Americans.  No one asked them what they wanted, just one day a politician decided to lump them together with Eskimos, Innuits, Mexican Indians etc. They feel they have nothing with these other groups.