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Boost Your Dental Practice: Strategies to Attract More Patients

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Every dental professional understands how important retaining existing clients and attracting new ones is for their business’s success. While some areas are lacking dentists, that’s not always the case. However, keeping patients returning for treatments is often challenging, even in areas without many competitors. Here are a few strategies every dental office can use to see increased traffic.

Make Better Use of Online Marketing

Advertising is always crucial for establishing and growing a dental practice. Every practice will need more patients at one point or another, and a carefully crafted marketing strategy is crucial to attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back. While online advertising, including a well-designed website and a social media presence, is essential, other forms of advertising also work well for dental practices. Working with an advertising professional who understands the industry helps dental practices build their client base and retain current clients.

Offer Specials and Promotional Deals

Everyone likes promotions that save them money, which means dental offices will likely see more traffic and increased loyalty when they offer special promotions. Many dentists offer a free examination to attract new clients, and promotions like reduced-cost whitening services draw in both new and existing clients. Most practices put time constraints on special promotions, which creates a sense of urgency. These types of offers are excellent for periods when traffic is traditionally reduced.

Encourage Patient Referrals

Every advertising expert will emphasize the importance of word-of-mouth advertising. In this instance, reward patients who refer new clients to the practice. The rewards don’t have to be overly expensive. Consider providing gift cards to local restaurants, discounts on their next visit, or similar rewards. Rewards programs encourage loyalty to the practice and don’t significantly impact the bottom line.

Be Part of the Community

Community involvement puts a dentist’s name in front of a large audience that’s not always easy to connect with using traditional methods. Even when a dentist is well-known in the community, a constant presence at community events and involvement in other activities enhances the practice’s reputation. Dental practices can also enhance their image by participating in community health fairs or offering free screenings for students or senior citizens. Match the strategy to the community’s needs to garner the best results.

Make Patients Comfortable Throughout Their Visit

Dental office visits are not at the top of most people’s list of fun activities, so making patients feel comfortable throughout a visit is crucial. That comfort includes everything from a patient’s first impression of the office to the courtesy of office staff members when scheduling their next appointment before leaving. Every aspect of the office and its personnel impacts a patient’s overall opinion of their experience, so take the time to review things from a patient’s perspective to spot potential issues.

For example, waiting areas must be clean, comfortable, and well-lit (but not too bright) to make patients feel welcome. A smiling staff member creates a far better impression than one who is less than cheerful.

Plan for the Future

Even when everything is going well and the appointment calendar is full, things change. That means dental practices must always look to the future and plan strategies to attract new patients. The first step is to contact a marketing expert to evaluate the practice’s current marketing plan and determine where improvements can be made. Contact a marketing expert today to get started.