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Humane Society Report on 100 Problem Puppy Mills

The Humane Society of the United States has released its annual report sampling 100 problem puppy mills and dealers operating throughout the country


Our report is assembled annually by combing through federal and state inspection records for citations and instances of animal suffering, as well as consumer complaints and undercover footage. This year’s report describes violations such as breeders failing to provide veterinary care to injured and emaciated dogs, dogs and puppies exposed to extreme weather, breeders performing ‘DIY’ euthanasia and surgery, and dogs living in cramped, filthy and unsafe conditions.



Photo and video from state/USDA inspection reports.

The report is not a list of the ‘worst puppy mills,’ as many facilities are not inspected by the USDA or even state authorities. Instead, it is a sampling meant to educate the public about common problems at puppy mills so they can pick responsible sources for puppies over inhumane breeders or puppy-selling pet stores, which are often outlets for puppy mills. In fact, public records (scroll right for “Petland CVIs”) reveal that at least 12 Petland stores throughout the country sourced puppies from puppy mills included in this year’s report. Petland is the only national chain of pet stores that still sells puppies from commercial breeding operations.


Just yesterday, the Humane Society of the United States assisted local law enforcement with the rescue of over 100 dogs and puppies from alleged cruelty at a high-volume breeder in North Carolina. This came about after individuals who reported buying sick puppies from the breeder raised concerns about the welfare of animals on the property, further underscoring the critical need for the public to do their due diligence when searching for a new puppy. Photos/video from the rescue operation.