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Atlantic City Police Arrest Four on Drug Charges




JEER-Gloucester City promised Barnard Avenue residents that their street was going to be repaved. They are still waiting. The city did hire a contractor but he never finished the job.  In fact, the street is actually worst than before. WE would be better off with a dirt road. 


CHEER — Crystal Johnson (GHS Class of 2021 alum) became a College All
American Soccer player at Rowan University in her freshman year. In March this year, she joined the Rowan College Golf team without ever playing on a golf course. Crystal picked up her first Golf Club on March 1, 2023; recently, she was named 2nd Team All-Conference and is headed to the JUCO World Series of Golf on the Nationally Ranked Team.

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Traffic on Nicholson Road, left, is limited to one lane. Klemm Avenue, right, is closed until next year sometime. Construction is ongoing at the Brooklawn Circle and the Brooklawn and Westville bridges over Big Timber Creek.

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JEER—TO the "Brain Surgeons" that run our lovely City, county, and state, closing every exit out of Gloucester City except Market Street. Even Brooklawn Circle is under construction. Residents in this City and Brooklawn will become prisoners in their own homes because of the lack of planning by those in charge. Can you imagine what traffic will look like because of this construction once the dash to the shore begins this summer?

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CHEERCongratulations to Gloucester Catholic on winning its seventh Diamond Classic championship last week, beating Delsea 11-2 at Alcyon Park, Pitman. The last time they won that title was in 2001.  



JEER—Giving trophies to kids who didn't win. You are hiring an accordion band to play at the wedding of a neighbor you don't like. Refusing to feed the 10-year-old computer slaves locked in your basement until they fix your internet.


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CHEER-Kudos to head Gloucester Catholic baseball coach Dennis Barth who was inducted into the school's Hall of Fame at Auletto's Sunset Ballroom in Almonesson.


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CHEER-There is no denying that the Westville/Brooklawn bridges over Big Timber Creek need repair. The CNBNews photo of the pedestrian walkway reveals how deficient those bridges are. You can see the water below through that hole in the picture. The cement on the walkway has buckled, and the iron that keeps the structure together desperately needs paint and repair. How many times have NJDOT and federal and local politicians promised that the repairs will fix the flooding at the Brooklawn circles this time?

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JEER—Why did NJDOT need to do all this highway work in Gloucester City and Brooklawn simultaneously? Their actions will hurt the local business community and jeopardize the fire protection for the city's east side.


CHEER—The May 19 fire on Burdsall Ave. could have been much worst if it wasn't for the fabulous firemen, both paid and volunteer, who contained the fire to just two homes. The firefighters came from Bellmawr, Camden City, Gloucester City, Mt. Ephraim, and Westville.

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JEER— One of the chiefs from the GCFD responded to the Burdsall Avenue fire in a city-owned car. In his haste to get to the fire, he left the car running, and motor oil poured out of the vehicle into the street. The car had to be towed away.


CHEER-According to, Michael A. Carberry, 43, of Mickleton, has been charged with attempted homicide after placing a police officer in a chokehold at the Deptford Mall. Robert Fitzpatrick, an English teacher and football coach at Penns Grove High School, told CBS 3 Philadelphia that he used his body weight and jiu-jitsu training to knock the suspect to the ground, freeing Gatto. Backup arrived and put Carberry in handcuffs.


JEER—To the driver of the U-Haul truck that hit a car on Center Street (Gloucester City) and drove away. Thanks to the neighbors who provided video of that hit-and-run incident.


CHEER-To the Gloucester City businesses who provided "goodies" to the local Police Department in recognition of  National Police Week.


JEER-The Hanover School District requires teachers to inform parents of LGBTQ students about their child's sexual orientation. Their policy requires teachers and staff to notify parents and administrators of any circumstance they become aware of that could impact a student's physical and mental health or social-emotional well-being. Why are our schools getting involved in the sexual orientation of the students? Enough already. Get back to teaching The Three R's. 


CHEER-The Loring Flemming Elementary School, Blackwood, is holding its annual "Donuts with Dudes" and the "Muffins with My Lady" events this week. Principal Aaron J. Rose said, "This event gives special "dudes" and special "ladies" a chance to spend time with their child/nephew/family friend before heading off to work or other obligations.  There is no cost for anyone attending. This is our way of connecting with the community and partnering with local government and law enforcement."


JEER-Another cannabis business is looking to move into the borough of Brooklawn and is eyeing up the former Webers Drive-In, Route 130, as a possible site to sell their wares. Another one is renovating the former Best Tile store near Brooklawn Circle. Gloucester City has recently given away its waterfront to any marijuana business that can pay the fees. People stand outside Curaleaf in Bellmawr in rain and snow for hours to get their "POT." Not that long ago, marijuana was taboo. We were told it would lead to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin and make you a drug addict. It will fry your brain. In recent years though, the same drug is now legitimate, and politicians welcome "POT" businesses with open arms. What changed their thinking? Like the reason for legalizing gambling, it is all about the money. The addiction and lung problems that may arise due to easy access to cannabis won't be known in the immediate future. But there will be a day when that information will be readily available. But, by then, it will be too late.


CHEER—To everyone in Gloucester City contributing to and participating in the Betsy Ross celebration.


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CHEER-A big round of applause to the person or persons who gave the old orange Coffee Corner property, Broadway and Market Street, a new look.

Doesn't it look Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 08.52.51Marvelous! What a significant improvement. Incidentally, reported recently that Gloucester City was one of the most affordable places to live in N.J. And yet, released an article earlier in the month that the City is one of 30 with the highest taxes in the state. 

Confused? So are we.



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