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Choosing The Perfect Vanity Color: Tips For Style And Function

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Vanities are the focal point of bathrooms. The right color and style are critical for the final look of bathrooms. Homeowners frequently find it challenging to choose a vanity color that will complement their style. Thankfully, there are some tips that make deciding easier. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Bathroom Vanity

Remodeling bathrooms involves many different decisions. Homeowners seem to struggle the most over choosing a vanity. When picking a color for your vanity, consider the home's color scheme. Bathroom designs should complement the rest of the home while offering some degree of independent style. Consider the following tips. 

Consider the Functional Needs

Vanities get a lot of use in most homes. Couples should consider installing a double sink vanity to give them plenty of room. Homeowners also need to think about their storage needs. Vanities have varying arrays of storage options. The more storage space the vanity offers, the less clutter in the bathroom.

Consider the Color

Choosing a vanity color is not always easy, but there are two facts that make the decision simpler. Darker vanity colors are going to make the bathroom look smaller. Use these darker colors in expansive bathrooms that feel overly large. Light-colored vanities make bathrooms look larger, which is helpful when the room is smaller.

Consider the Style

Think about the style of your bathroom and other rooms of the home. Make sure to mix the colors, designs, and materials to make the bathroom interesting. Consider the existing structures and colors. Choose vanity designs that complement the space instead of causing distraction. 

Consider the Placement

In addition to choosing the right color and style, homeowners must also consider the placement of their vanity. Things to consider include making sure there is ample space for the other bathroom features, including the tub/shower and toilet. Make sure the placement of the vanity does not interfere with opening and closing the bathroom door or using the sink and mirror. 

Consider the Types of Vanities Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 09.27.14

There are two main types of vanities. Wall-mounted varieties connect to the wall and do not obstruct the space inside the bathroom. Wall-mounted vanities offer a clean look. This type of vanity is ideal for minimalist bathrooms that have simple designs. Wall-mounted vanities are the most popular among homeowners and offer a modern look for any bathroom. 

Free-standing vanities are ideal for traditional or vintage bathroom designs. Free-standing options are ideal for large bathrooms that have plenty of room. If homeowners select a free-standing vanity, they must ensure no plumbing problems interfere with the design and function. 

A New Vanity Brings Beauty to Any Bathroom

With so many vanity selections, homeowners sometimes find it challenging to choose the right one for their bathrooms. Because a beautiful vanity becomes the focal point of bathrooms, homeowners must choose wisely. 

Although the style and design are critical decisions, homeowners must not forget the storage options. Ensure there are plenty of storage areas, including drawers and cabinets. It is especially important to choose ample storage options if your home does not have a linen closet. 

Now is an excellent time to start shopping for vanities. Considering the color, design, function, and storage will help homeowners choose the best vanity for their bathroom needs. A new bathroom will transform your bathroom with a new style. 


images courtesy of unsplash