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Dorothy Philbin | CNBNews
Several American cities, a few years ago, named themselves "sanctuary cities," never having any idea what was to come.  They thought that they would get a few illegal immigrants here and a few there.  Little did they expect floods of illegals, so many that the border states (Texas, Arizona, and Florida) would have to "outsource."  This flood of immigrants was supposed to be someone else's problem.
Earlier this year 54/57 illegals were sent to Martha's Vineyard, a very expensive island off the coast of Cape Cod.  Former President Obama has a multi-million dollar mansion there.  Another politician, Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy made the island famous decades ago for a more exciting but less moral reason.  But nothing sticks to the rich and famous. Download
Well, the illegal immigrants were welcomed to one side of the island and ushered off the other side in less then 24 hours.  One has to wonder how long the immigrants would have been welcomed if they had brought landscaping or house cleaning equipment with them.
But, back to this week.  This week, New York (sanctuary) City's Mayor Eric Adams decided that he has taken in 61,000 illegals and enough was enough.  A while back Mayor Adams thought about making Central Park into one big outdoor shelter.  For those of you not familiar with New York City, Central Park is ebbed on three sides by the rich and famous, so that was not going to happen.  All available hotel rooms had been given to the immigrants and some news stations showed films of the rooms being trashed, and fights in the hallways (NYPD has nothing else to do but break up immigrant fights.)  There was also a film of the meals they were given being thrown in the trash because they didn't like American food.  This was not the way it was supposed to least not the way it was supposed to be presented to the media.
Mayor Eric Adams decided to go Plan B - send the illegals to suburban towns and counties - without notice.  Needless to say, the towns and counties tripped over themselves getting to the courthouse to file cease and desist orders to stop the estimated 300 additional immigrants from arriving.  What CNN and ABC have not reported but other news sources have, in order to house the 300+ in local motels/hotels, the current resident had to be evicted.
Who are the current residents?  Homeless veterans for the most part.  What happens to them?  Surely there is a street corner where they can live in a box and a trash can where they can find dinner.  Homeless veterans, according to Israel Toney Foundation (May 14, 2023) American veterans are provided four weeks in hotels until permanent accommodations can be found.  More often than not those permanent accommodations are street corners.
What are the chances that the illegals will be evicted after four weeks?  Little to none.
A few years back, our Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy, of New Jersey, declared our whole state a "sanctuary state."  Be careful. Gloucester City and our surrounding towns could be next.  Necesario para hablar ingles.