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Number of Complaints Against Tesla's Self Driving Cars is Growing

A whistleblower has unveiled thousands of customer complaints made against Tesla's self-driving cars, raising concerns over the safety of this advanced AI technology.

The following comments from NordVPN's Adrianus Warmenhoven also consider the importance of ensuring these types of cars are protected against cybersecurity risks.


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Adrianus Warmenhoven, a cybersecurity expert at NordVPN, comments: “With the revelation that thousands of Tesla customer complaints have been leaked showing security concerns over the company’s self-driving cars, the controversy around this technology is revving up again.

“There have been reports of self-acceleration and braking issues, both which should sound alarm bells to drivers and the general public. It could be that more security concerns are found the deeper you go under the hood.

“Autonomous intelligence technology is the most advanced type of AI, as it removes the need for human intervention. While we may still be a long way off a driver being able to take their eyes off the road, we are still putting faith in something which we don’t yet fully understand.

“This new technology is being designed with the driver in mind but cybersecurity mustn't be forgotten, as dangers may be hiding beyond the control panel. 

“It would take hackers a lot of work to bypass the built-in security features of these cars, but they could still find a way. 

“Ransomware, wireless carjacking, key fob cloning and cyber attacks on connected devices in the hardware and software of the car are all potential security concerns that could arise.

“This is an exciting time for car makers, and the potential positives of self-driving cars outweigh the negatives. However, without a strong cybersecurity focus to future-proof these desirable vehicles, there is a risk that criminals could already be preparing to manipulate this technology — so they can make a quick getaway without a hand on the steering wheel.”