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How to Save Money Dating Older Women and Not Show It?

The last decade has seen a surge in the number of guys preferring to date older women. Most guys feel that older women are arguably more mature and better conversationalists than younger ones. MILFs and cougars are more mature

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because they've almost seen it and done it all. Having lived long, they arguably have more information and life experience than younger women. There are many ways guys can meet women. 

If you have a smartphone, you only need to create a dating platform account and meet local MILFs with ease. Before joining any platform, understand your needs and choose a dating platform based on your goals. But chatting with MILFs online is only half of the journey; you have to meet them in person and try to escalate things to the next level.

5 Date Night Ideas to Save Your Money and Meet MILFs 

A good date night is more about the experience than the cost of food or where you dine.

  1. Use Coupons

The ideal way to maximize coupons on a date is by combining them with sales. While a coupon can save you 50 cents on a single purchase, you can save more when you purchase products on sale. When shopping for date night products, first find out what your date likes, then make purchases using coupons. You'll be shocked at how much less you'll end up spending. 

  1. Choose a Restaurant with Season Discounts 

To have an exciting date night with your older woman, find out what food your date likes. Have at least three-course meal options, then look for restaurants offering season discounts near you. You can try googling good restaurants near you with season discounts. Ensure you check client reviews so that you take your date to a restaurant serving finger-licking cuisines.

  1. Movie Date Night 

If you or your date prefer a private and unique experience, then you can't go wrong with a romantic home movie date night. The best part about these date nights is that they allow you to get comfortable and even snuggle up, should you choose to. You can make the experience more interesting by building a nest of comfy pillows and blankets. You can also choose to theme your home depending on the movie you will watch. Since it's your home, you're free to do anything fun that comes to mind. Not only is a date night fun, but it also saves you money and can help you relieve stress. 

  1. Cooking Together

If you're dating an older woman, there is a high chance she's a better cook than you. Cooking together with your date comes with multiple benefits. For starters, it allows you to talk and bond with her. Cooking is an engaging activity requiring both of you to participate, giving you time to converse about different topics. Furthermore, cooking together can help you gain new cooking tips and will save you some money. Cooking at home is often cheaper than buying food from restaurants. 

  1. Gaze at the Stars

Over the years, different writers have come up with numerous exciting and romantic tales revolving around stars, love, and heroism. Stars are beautiful, and it doesn't cost a cent to look at them. There are several ways you can make your stargazing experience more pleasurable. You can start by finding a unique spot to look at the stars, preferably somewhere with few city lights. You can also have some wine to amplify the romance. 


While women like interesting and romantic escapades, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank to make it possible. You can share with them a myriad of inexpensive experiences without excess spending. If you've never tried buying food using coupons or different indoor date ideas, you're missing out. Try these cheap date ideas and see just how awesome they work.