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See the video below,  Opioid Tragedy: Inside the Fentanyl Crisis | $10 Death
GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (March 13, 2023)--World War III was well underway; we were losing it even before we realized it had begun.  This war is not being fought with bombs, fighter planes, or even nuclear weapons.  It is being fought with drugs - large quantities of opioids, cocaine, fentanyl, and new drugs which don't respond to any known treatment.
The United States is fighting the lion's share of the battle, but every other western country is also fighting.  Here are the American human costs of this and past wars.*
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According to CBS Philly, Xylazine, a horse tranquilizer, is now seeping into the drug markets, primarily in the Kensington area. It is being mixed with fentanyl and heroin. Drug addicts don't even know they have taken the drug until their skin decomposes.
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Here are a few examples of the quantity and value of drugs that are being produced and where they are being found:
Published on February 26, 2023, edition of METRO, a couple walking along the northwest coast of France collecting seashells came across $60 million of drugs that had washed up on the beach from the English Channel.  There were 855 kilos of class A drugs and 1.5 tons of cocaine.  Six other batches were also found, bringing the total value to $162 million.  If anyone decides to venture to France and maybe collect a little cocaine for sentimental reasons, don't.  French authorities don't play games regarding drugs; anyone found in contact with the newly discovered drugs will be sentenced to 10 years in prison.
The article also revealed a similar incident in New Zealand, where 3 tons of cocaine washed up from the South Pacific Ocean.
Over the Christmas/New Year holiday, the United States captured 2.4 tons (worth $1 billion) of Mexican cocaine off the coast of South American coast. It was intended for distribution in Australia.  In this situation 12 drug cartel members were arrested. provided this information on 3/4/23.
At this point, more than enough drugs have been discovered which could kill not just every American but most of the free world.  We've lost the war.
*    These numbers represent only those people killed in action.  They don't include those who may have died from disease, weather, etc.
**   These actions are not wars.  Only Congress can declare war, and the last time that happened was WW II, directly after the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor.  Korea and Vietnam were referred to as "policing actions." The veterans did not qualify for certain benefits or even admission into the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW.)  These benefits were later provided.  Today, our government ignores Congress and sends our military into action without governmental planning.  
Drug information provided by presented by Fox News 12/15/21.