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Game-Changing Tech Used for Evaluating User Experience in Online Casinos: Top Three Tech Trends

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Industries are always looking to draw and retain more consumers, usually by analyzing and improving user experience. Manufacturing companies, for example, conduct customer surveys to find out how their products are being perceived by their customers and make necessary improvements. The online casino industry is no different. In recent years, the market has turned to technology to evaluate user experience on online casino sites and increase consumer engagement and loyalty. Here is a look at the top three tech trends that have spearheaded this movement.


1. AI Technology

AI capabilities are as immense as they are impressive. One aspect of this technology that online casinos have latched onto is predictive analysis, or the ability to capture, collect, and evaluate vast amounts of data. When players log onto their accounts on South Carolina best legal online casinos, they create data every time they play a game, win, lose, deposit money, cash out, redeem a bonus, or read a notification. AI allows casinos to collect and analyze this data and create a customized user experience.

How? By collecting player data, online casinos can use AI to determine how players are spending their time on their sites. Which games are they playing? How much time are they spending on each game? Which types of bonuses are they redeeming more often? At what point of a game are they quitting? And more. Casinos can then use this information to anticipate players’ next moves and meet their needs.

Online casino sites can make game suggestions and display targeted campaigns and offers based on AI-generated player history. If a player enjoys real money poker, AI can signal the site to send them a promotional email about an upcoming poker tournament. This helps make marketing and other casino services more targeted and more useful to the player. 

From personalized home pages that prevent endless scrolling to anticipated game suggestions, industry experts that the AI’s potential to improve user experience is limitless. It also helps that the technology makes even more accurate predictions the more data it collects. 


2. Big Data

Big data has made its way into practically every viable industry today. Businesses are continually discovering the need to handle unimaginable amounts of data at higher speeds than was possible several decades ago. As established, players create data with every move they make on online casino sites and millions of players means large amounts of incoming data. 

But while this data could have easily gone to waste, online casinos are harnessing and combing through it to determine their systems’ strengths and deficiencies and plan for the future. Through big data algorithms and software, casinos can store personal user information and use it to categorize players by device, location, gender, and age. They can then use this information to tailor the gambling experience to specific demographics.

Big data also makes it possible, over time, for casinos to build personal player profiles based on past actions to determine player preferences. They can then combine this with real-time marketing to customize homepages, suggest preferred games, and generally improve user experience. 


3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems harness the power of data-driven marketing to enhance consumer retention. These systems use analytic tools to track player data and develop personalized, event-triggered marketing moves to entice players.

By tracking player patterns, CRM systems allow online casinos to determine areas of possible churn. This then tells the casino that they should do something to prevent a user from leaving. For example, if a slots enthusiast has lost 10 games in a row and is about to give up, CRM can signal the casino to offer them free spins or other bonuses to encourage them to play again. 

CRM systems can also be used to drive traffic to other areas of the casino that players have not explored. An online casino can target marketing tools like free bets to a sports bettor, prompting them to try live betting, esports, or virtual gaming. In table games, CRM can help casinos convince traditional players to try live dealer versions, creating a win-win situation. Players get to explore other versions of their favorite games and casinos increase engagement.



The modern player is not impressed by a universal approach to their gaming needs. They want to feel like a valued customer and for all their games, promotions, bonuses, and more to be targeted. By leveraging AI, market research systems, and big data, online casinos can create the personalized gaming experience today’s players are looking for and further grow their businesses.