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There is so much going on in the United States that is so "crazy" (sorry, but there is no better descriptive word.)  Men playing women's sports?  Racist automobiles in California?  A transgender nuclear rod disposable kleptomaniac who stole women's suitcases from airports.  Attempts to take away our gas stoves?  The list just goes on and on and at each layer, the craziness increases.  We have to win an award for craziness!  Right? Images-3
Sadly, the Canadian government is vying to top us.  It was announced today, March 10, 2023, that there is a high school student in a Catholic Canadian school. His name is Josh Alexander.  Some of his female friends were venting to him that they felt uncomfortable that boys were using the same restrooms.   Josh took up the issue for his female friends and even quoted the Bible which stated that God had created man and then he created a companion for him - a woman.  Two genders, two different time periods.  Remember - this is a Catholic School.
Well, Josh was "excused" from the school (suspended? expelled?  parents involved?)  When he returned to school the administrators called the police and had Josh arrested.  The ending of the story has yet to be written but his attorney was interviewed.  He felt that the Canadian Constitution is much weaker than ours and that Canada's individual rights have completely deteriorated in the past few years.  He plans to take the issue to a civil court but doesn't have much confidence.
When Josh was asked how the police acted - did they seem embarrassed to have to arrest a teen over his moral beliefs in a school issue?  Josh answered that no, they were very serious and treated him much like any major criminal.  How sad for people we were so close to - much like a family.