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CONGRATULATIONS to a teen leaving Gloucester High School on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, carrying what appeared to be his woodworking project (it looked to be a toolbox.)  Seeing a student produce something tangible in which he obviously took pride was a good feeling.
CHEER to the Gloucester City Board of Education and the Administration for returning the Industrial Arts Class (Wood Shop) to the school district. It was dismantled in 2005, or 18 years ago. Not everyone is college material. Studies have shown that soon, there will not be enough plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, and skilled artisans. The cost to build the addition to the high school, over $1.5 million, will come back 10-fold in the years to come.  
JEER to the person who threw away a used toxic materials bag that flew by the wind into a backyard on South Broadway.
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CHEER to everyone who participated in and enjoyed the Holy City's St. Patrick's Day parade. Thousands lined the parade route. Thank you to Monsignor Bill Hodge, the founder of the event. Others have claimed that distinction, but the truth be known, there would be no Irish Parade in Gloucester City if it weren't for the Monsignor. 
CHEER to the city employees who changed Center St. to one-way and then painted the south-side curb white to allow more parking spaces in the neighborhood. 
CHEER to everyone involved in the upcoming 250th anniversary of Betsy Ross's wedding. Members of both the Ross and Hugg families will be in attendance. Unfortunately, the reception has been sold out, but names are being taken on a waiting list.
 JEER to the City's governing body for even considering building 364 new apartments in the former Coast Guard station area. There are more than three rentals for each owner-occupied home in town. However, it was announced that there would be "some ground-level parking."  That should solve all our parking problems.
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CHEER to Ed Anyzek for the excellent job he did on renovating his warehouse at Market Street and Lane Avenue intersection. The stonework is beautiful. It is nice to see a business owner taking pride in his property and the community where his business is located. It would be nice if more business owners would follow his example. There was a time when the City Small Business organization and the City of Gloucester City would recognize any business that improved the facade of their property. That would be a grand gesture to bring back. In the 80s, we received recognition from the Small Business Association for fixing up our property at Broadway and Champion Road. To this day, we are very proud of that award. 
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JEER to the person or persons who threw trash in the middle of Stites Avenue near West Thompson Avenue. Why would you do that? Whether it was a city department or a private citizen, thank you for cleaning it up, as it was gone the next day. Incidentally, there was a name and an address on some of the rubbish thrown on the street. The person was from Salem. CNBNews contacted the city police and the Salem police and gave them that information. We don't know if the local police or the Salem police located the property owner.
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CHEER to Dennis Malloy of the Dennis and Judy show, which is broadcast five days a week on New Jersey 101.5 FM, for writing such an excellent column about the community of Gloucester City titled This Old New Jersey Town's Nickname is the Holy City-and Few People Visit. Gloucester City is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year. Malloy takes his readers on a photo tour of the City, pointing out different facts about it. To view the article click here.
NOTE: William E. Cleary Sr., contributing to this column