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Did the Gloucester Concerned Citizen’s group prevent a train wreck that could have been as bad as the recent one in Ohio? Images

In the late 1970s, a group of “concerned citizens” led by Bob Bevan and Louisa Llewellyn protested about the conditions of the railroad crossings throughout Gloucester City, NJ.  Tank cars filled with toxic and poisonous chemicals traveled from DuPont’s Chemical Plant in Pennsville to Camden City and beyond on poorly maintained tracks.  After a month of contracting Conrail and state and federal politicians with no response, Mr. Bevan and Mrs. Llewellyn decided to take action by placing a baby coach on the tracks at Monmouth Street, surrounded by 50 citizens who refused to allow the train to move until a written agreement made by Conrail and our congressman that repairs would start immediately.. 

When the average citizen joins in a common cause, it’s amazing what can be done! 


Robert S. Bevan

Former Gloucester City Mayor


Below a photo of the recent train derailment in Palestine, Ohio (courtesy of