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Marijuana Edibles Recovered on a Juvenile in Evesham; Police Urge Parents to Be Alert

MARLTON, N.J. (February 1, 2023)(CNBNewsnet)- A popular snack for kids is now a part of police's latest warning to parents after a bag of what seemed to be just tasty, fun-shaped crackers were confiscated from a local teen after authorities discovered it was actually a bag of edibles.

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Evesham Township Police are trying to get the word out to parents after they say they recently confiscated a bag of animal crackers, actually containing marijuana, from a teen. "They had a very similar look to what we traditionally think of an animal cracker, and you know, children do consume them. Just so parents are aware, they're out there, so they should check their kids' things," said Chief Walt Miller.


Chief Miller says younger kids could easily get a hold of the bag and not even realize what they're eating, so he's advising parents to look at the packaging. 


Two symbols to look out for are: a marijuana leaf and an exclamation point inside a small triangle and the word "medicated" along with the amount of grams the edible contains. Both symbols can typically be found in the bottom corners of the packaging. But for parents, simply being aware of these symbols does not take their concerns away.


"I just think its scary. Your kid comes home with it, and you think they just have animal crackers, and who would think to read the label to see that it's medicated? So, it just goes to show, you really have to see what your kids are bringing home and what it is they're consuming," said Teresa Wolfson of Marlton, New Jersey.


Police say it doesn't matter where you live, these edibles are becoming easier to get, and they look too similar to products that we find every day in the grocery store, so they want to get the message out and make parents aware.