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Letters to the Editor: Beware of Fake Links to Harry Potter Video Game Hogwarts Legacy

Following Friday's worldwide release of the hugely anticipated Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy, cybercriminals have been creating fake download links in an attempt to target US fans with malware. 

Here are some comments from cybersecurity company NordVPN:

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Marijus Briedis, cybersecurity expert at NordVPN, comments: “The global demand for Hogwarts Legacy and recent changes in the video game industry have given hackers a clear path into the world of Harry Potter.

“Physical sales of PC and console games have been falling rapidly and digital downloads now dominate the market. Few games can match the hype that surrounds Hogwarts Legacy, offering bad actors the perfect vessel to tempt fans with fake download links promising an early or free version of the game.

“Once clicked these links are likely to infect your device with some form of malware that can be used to track you or steal personal data.

“To defend against these dark arts make sure you only download games from official sites and use software like Threat Protection, which will delete harmful files or programs before they can do damage.” 

Chris Beckett
Rhizome Media Group
E [email protected]