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Delayed start of the vacation: top ideas what to do now at home


Still looking for ideas on how best to spend the quarantine period without getting in a bad mood. Especially booked trips that could not be started and also in the foreseeable future may not be made up. What remains in this time, which is marked by Corona and what ideas can help to be able to travel after all?


Unpack your bags. Ways to travel from home


The health situation of the Corona virus is not yet abating and continues to make its circles within society. For example, there are the travelers who have been asked for several weeks to also stay at home and not to travel. Especially passionate globetrotters, who are on the road not only because of business trips, will have been counting the days for a long time. It is hard not to leave home because of the rules. Thereby the inner impulse is day by day stronger and stronger to finally visit favorite places in Canada, Europe or the world again. To experience unforgettable days or weeks at the desired holiday destination or even to live there as Work & Travel. It is still not clear when the travel restrictions will be relaxed and the national borders will be opened again. So it is still time to unpack your bags and plan your next vacation in your mind.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 21.09.18OK, Google


Who would have thought that the online services such as Google Earth or Google Arts are among the important tools of the current everyday life. Especially for frequent travelers it really offers to take the breath of the travel place at least visually in the form of these online services. If you already know the destination, you can use Google Street View, for example, to see what the vacation region looks like now in spring. Or you can already think up itineraries and follow them virtually. A somewhat different way of preparing for a trip, but above all one that fills time sensibly and promotes anticipation.


Travel the world with top games


Online games are another useful way to get to grips with the topic of travel and travel destinations, and to indulge in thoughts of the future or past journeys. For example, 1 dollar deposit online casino are worthwhile for online casinos, to load and play exciting slot games without their own real money. It can also get more fun and lively with live casino games with live dealers, for example BlackJack. The feeling of deciding whether to take another card and risk staying under 21 points or watching the live dealer make his or her decision makes you forget everything around you for the time of the game.


Where will the journey go this summer


Still there is no all-clear for the return to the familiar everyday life including free travel planning. Still advised against booking flights or otherwise traveling. It will likely take several more weeks before travel in Europe or around the world is possible again. As far as this summer is concerned, it is best to play it safe and base your travel plans on destinations within Canada or the USA. It should also not be forgotten that booked trips until the end of 2021 will not be paid out in money but a voucher will be awarded. To keep the mood good, it remains recommended to wait with travel planning.


Seen with the YouTube perspective


Why actually not also use the opportunities to go intensively at least in spirit to other travel locations. On YouTube, the top 10 channels of the best travel destinations are not without reason. On the basis of the list of the top YouTube channels, one or the other can immediately get an inspiration for the next boring phase:


 The Tanzania Channel

  • Vagabrothers on the road in New Zealand
  • Sailing La Vagabond
  • Migrationology with ingenious food suggestions
  • Hopscotch The Globe - In the big world of wild animals
  • Unbelievable Arctic Roadtrip
  • The Food Ranger
  • Puffin Island - Somewhere in the Faroe Islands
  • Jacob and Katie Schwartz in Peru
  • Allison Anderson from Vancouver to Alaska
  • Kara and Nate


The best part is that a YouTube channel, like The Sound Traveler, is also experiencing growing demand in times like these. This channel not only uses 3D audio technology, but also GoPro settings to immortalize the unforgettable perspectives for the channel.


Check out the best maps


Looking for more programs and apps related to traveling from home is really worthwhile. For example, AirPano can be found. Here you can view 3,000 panoramic photos and videos in 360° optics from over 300 places. That's really worthwhile. Also on the 360 Cities website, panoramic images of home can be viewed, which have been lovingly created in detail and published online for 10 years. Or how about Outside VR? Visitors to the website can experience up to 30 locations from home using VR technology after logging in.