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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: A Drug Worse Than Fentanyl

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A Philadelphia neighborhood is the largest open-air narcotics market for heroin on the East Coast. Addicts come from all over, and many never leave
Drug users under the Kensington Avenue underpass.
Thursday night, January 19, 20223,  Fox News' Sean Hannity dedicated the first full 10 minutes of his show to the drug problem in Philadelphia, Pa.  Their reporter interviewed drug users in the area of K&A (Kensington & Alleghany,) one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the tri-state area.  The reporter showed the Kensington Avenue area, now looking a lot like those of San Francisco, where people live on the street, shoot up drugs in front of schools and recreation centers.  Although this was disheartening, the worst part is yet to come.  The Philadelphia Inquirer printed a similar article this week.
Just when we thought that nothing could be worse than fentanyl, here comes a new, more deadly drug called Xylazine (pronounced Zi-la-zeen.)  The legitimate use for the drug is to ease pain and tranquilize cattle and horses.  Unlike fentanyl, there is no legitimate human use.  It is not an opioid, so it doesn't respond to NARCAN.  It is absorbed by the blood stream very quickly and there is no antidote.  That means that even if the user is provided medical attention quickly, it is doubtful s/he will survive.
Xylazine is used to cut fentanyl, which is used to cut heroine, though at this point heroine is being used less and less frequently.  Per Fox News, government officials know that, like fentanyl, the chemicals are coming from China and being mixed in Mexico.  They even know what cartel is primarily responsible for distributing it.  But, due to government lack of concern, that is the end of the line.
The cartels have become so bolden and powerful in the United States that one member was observed walking around in Arizonia.  This particular man was followed by two others who were carrying "el jefe's" Louis Vuitton luggage for him.  That goes beyond bolden.
Again, a reminder:  If you haven't boughten it from a legitimate store or pharmacy, don't eat, drink, smoke or inject it.