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Not everyone has the luxury of an abundance of free time, and many people are beholden to the weekends or whenever their own time off falls if they don’t work conventional hours. A lot of the time it can feel as though the time that you do get simply isn’t enough, and like there’s always more that you want to be doing. In this sense, it can be frustrating, but it can also have you thinking about how you can maximise the potential of this downtime and have you altering your behaviour in different ways.

This might lead you to getting more out of the hobbies that you currently enjoy, or even finding new activities that you learn to love.

The Knowledge of Others

One of the more useful aspects of living in a constantly online world that can often go taken for granted is the fact that when it comes to any given topic, you can draw upon the knowledge left behind by countless people who already had experience with that thing. This often comes in the form of user reviews and might be something that you regularly refer to when you’re on the fence about a purchase, even if it doesn’t come in the form of a conventional review, and instead, just the consensus that you learn about through online discourse. 

However, these reviews do exist for just about anything. Movies, TV shows, apps, games – even unique versions of games, pertaining to console versions, online casino review, or soundtracks through music streaming services. You just must know where to look. 

Blocks of Time

Thinking about your free time in such a regimented manner likely isn’t something that you think would naturally lead it to be more fun, but it can allow you to explore a variety of activities in as straightforward a way as possible. Waking up, understanding you have a couple of hours before you want to go into town, for example, can give you ample time to simply relax and do nothing at all in the morning, which is something that can be valuable. However, if you’re trying to be more careful with your free time, you don’t want this initial downtime to overtake the whole day, so scheduling your time more effectively might be a good way to start changing your mentality. 

An Active Approach

Again, exercising might not be the most fun thing that you can think to do with your free time, but it might be something that helps to give you the energy to be more content throughout your week, as well as something that could help you to value your more relaxed activities even more. Exercise is essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and if you’re struggling to fit it in throughout your busy week, you might find that using a reward-based system on the weekend (hour of exercise for a couple of hours of relaxation) is the best way to incorporate it into your lifestyle and reap the mental health rewards it has to offer.