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By William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet

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Barnard Avenue top and bottom photos. CNBNews photo credit (January 30, 2023)

DOES ANYONE KNOW? Why has it taken over six months to repave Barnard Avenue in Gloucester City? It can't be weather related since this winter has been mild. There have been weeks when no construction work was done on the street. According to Barnard

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THE GRAND OPENING of the City of Gloucester City Water Works was held on September 21, 2010. Attending the ceremony were former council members who were instrumental in the planning of the project, along with present council members who continued to work on the plans and floated a $9.6 million bond to fund the project,

Street residents, the acting City Administrator/Police Chief promised them the work would start at the beginning of January 2022. However, the long overdue work on this "Cow Path" didn't begin until September, nine months later. Residents have been putting up with the dirt and dust from the construction crews all this time. On Monday, January 30, another infrastructure crew dug up the street again.

That street, along with so many of the roadways in the Riverview Heights area, has been patched so many times the City started to "patch" the patches. Gigantic holes in these streets with water pouring out of them are not surprising. 

Several years ago, American Water approached the City council with an offer to purchase the Water Department for $20 million. The proposal included fixing up the outdated infrastructure throughout the City. Those employees working at the water department would be offered their jobs but at the same pay level that present employees of American Water were being paid. At the time, a council member told this reporter that the City turned down that offer because those employees who didn't accept the company's proposal would lose their job. The City spent $9.6 million in 2010 to bring the water department up to state and federal requirements. It is unknown if American Water made its offer before or after the City spent those millions of dollars on upgrades.

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The intersection of Stites and Barnard Avenue, photo credit CNBNewsnet (January 30, 2023)


A COLD WINTER DAY--The above photo of Big Timber Creek, Brooklawn, was taken a few days ago. The wind was howling and kicking up white caps when we noticed a 26-foot or 30-foot cabin cruiser approaching us from the Delaware River. With the American Flag blowing near the junction where the Little Timber Creek joins its big sister, it made a perfect photo for a winter day in "God's Little Acre."

In 1697, the West Jersey Proprietors, in creating the town of Gloucester, decreed that Timber Creek be named the "Gloucester River," although that name did appear in documents for several years, it faded away. A much smaller creek lying to the north, Little Timber Creek, finds the Delaware River at the same place as its larger namesake. To differentiate between the two, the latter came to be known as "Great Timber Creek," which soon became "Big Timber Creek." Even so, at the end of the 20th century, it was usually referred to in speech as "Timber Creek." (source Wikipedia)


NO GLASSBORO-CAMDEN LINE--Our travels last week took us to Woodbury Heights. As we drove along the side of the Conrail tracks, we couldn't help to notice several signs on people's lawns opposing the Glassboro-Camden Line. That project has been talked about for over 30 years. 

Last month, New Jersey Republican Senator Edward Durr slammed the proposed route for the Glassboro-Camden Line, calling the 18-mile commuter rail project in its current form a patchwork approach that will divide smaller towns, increase traffic, and endanger the safety of residents. "I do not oppose a new rail system to help commuters and residents, but the current route being put forward for the Glassboro-Camden rail line will hurt more than it will help South Jersey," said Durr (R-3). "This project has been in the works on and off since the 1990s and, at one point, was planned to run on the Route 55 median—which was, and still is, a sensible solution because it would not impact smaller towns. The route that is being suggested now cuts directly through the heart of 12 different municipalities with little regard for traffic, parking, and noise from a diesel-electric train running every 10 minutes." 

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THERE IS A SUN!!!- As we drove over the Walt Whitman Bridge coming home from the Perelman Center for Advance Medicine at Penn Medicine Hospital, the sun came peaking out of the clouds for a moment. Looking over the bridge railing, you can see the top of St. Marys' Church Steeple in the distance. In our memory, December and January had to be the dreariest months ever. The photo was taken by my granddaughter Brianna Woods.


PEYTON'S LATEST TRICK! My wife, Connie, recently taught Peyton a new trick. Tell her to strike a pose, and she will sit up on her rear as long as you give her a cookie. "Look, Mom! No Hands."