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Are You in a Toxic Relationship? Here are Some Critical Points 

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Many young men and women get into toxic relationships without even realizing it. They blame themselves whenever their narcissist or toxic partner shows signs of anger or getting upset. Why do people still stay in such relationships? The reason is the misconceptions or narrow views around this subject. People often associate toxicity with extreme behavior displays or physical abuse, which may not be relevant in every case. A person may not experience heartbreak, mental trauma, health deterioration, or other detrimental effects. Still, there can be something that tells you everything is not okay. If you feel so, it's better to quit. When you hit stagnancy in your relationship or experience complacency, it hints at silent toxicity. What do you do when you know the actual status of your partner?

The dilemma: Fight or flight

You love the person from your heart and soul, but it doesn't mean you must tolerate their toxic behavior. Opinions and circumstances can cloud your judgment. But you can observe a few things to decide better for yourself. Suppose you both started on a healthy note, but certain unforeseen events or stress made your partner bitter. In this case, you can save your relationship and help your partner evolve. But if they are toxic by nature, your efforts will not make any difference. You may consider continuing your relationship for more years if you spent significant time together. But it can ruin your well-being.

If you notice any such signs in your dating partner in the beginning, you can take an immediate call and move on for a better person. Otherwise, you will sign up for only pain and abuse. The decision to leave their partners tends to be the hardest for married couples. But don't succumb when you can control your situation and start a new life. 

Life gives you many opportunities only if you are ready to embrace them. Give yourself time to heal and join a credible Filipino dating app to find an understanding and loving partner. If you are a Christian, you can look for men and women from the Philippines on the site. They tend to be caring, loving, honest, and respectful. Their family-oriented upbringing enables them to carry those values into future relationships. So, you can have some faith. Now, the question is: how do you break ties with the toxic person in your life?

Suggestions for people suffering due to toxicity in their relationship

Quitting any relationship takes work, especially if you spent a couple of years with the person you love. It can be challenging to overcome all your emotions overnight. That's why it's better to seek support from the community and professionals. Their wisdom can help you navigate through this challenging phase. At the same time, most people make the mistake of returning to their toxic partners out of guilt or a sense of responsibility. Please avoid this. Nothing will change. You will only invite more suffering. So, make it clear that things are over. 

Ending the bond you developed and nurtured over the years is painful. But some closures are good. They lead you to new and better openings. So, allow yourself to recover from your past. You can date someone and start your life again when you are right there.