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When was St. Mary's school built?

a.    1893
b.    1896
c.    1902
d.    1905
2.    Which of these was NOT a Gloucester City hotel in the early 1900s?
a.    Thompson's
b.    Beuna Vista
c.    The Sands
d.    McGlade's
3.    Where was Billy Thompson's racetrack?  The early 1900s.
a.    In what is now Proprietor's Park
b.    Charles Street
c.    Brick Street
d.    North King Street
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4.    What was the name of the car dealership which was where Carpenter's Hall is now?  About 1960s.
a.    Flexon's
b.    Wally's
c.    Lightman Motors
d.    Ace Ford
5.    Who owned the stationery store on the corner of Broadway and Champion Rd?  The 1960s into the 1970s.
a.    Dickensheets
b.    Brophy's
c.    Cleary's
d.    Fox
6.    What was the original purpose of the 5 & 10 building on the north side of Monmouth Street (500 block?)  1930s.
a.    A bakery
b.    A post office
c.    A liquor store
d.    A doctor's office
7.    Who was the doctor who lived in the 900 block of Monmouth Street, north side?  Into the late 1970s or early 1980s.
a.    Dr. Kelly
b.    Dr. Hirschorn
c.    Dr. Brennan, Sr.
d.    Dr. Sheldon     
8.    What was the grocery store name on the 600 block of Monmouth Street, where the Knights of Columbus currently is?  (1950s)
a.    Sal's
b.    Sally's
c.    McNulty's
d.    Cline's
9.    What was the name of the shoe store on King Street?  (several decades)
a.    Tedesco's
b.    Leon's
c.    Ruby's
d.    Thom McAn's
10.   Who built most of the homes in Gloucester City east of the railroad to Johnson Blvd., north on Brown Street and in Riverview Heights?  (1915 - 1930s.)
a.    John Stewart
b.    Leon M. Claire
c.    Pat Stewart
d.    George Labbree (Bill's father and Bill, Jr.'s grandfather.)
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Answers:  1. a - 1893,  2. c - The Sands .  3. b. - Charles St.  4. c - Lightman Motors.   5. b - Brophy's.  6. b - the post office.  7.  a - Dr. Kelly.  8. c - McNulty's.  9. b - Leon's.  10. c - Pat Stewart (John was his son.)