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Housing Counselor Daniel “Duke” Orsino Announces His Candidacy for Philadelphia City Council-at-large

Philadelphia, PA: Housing Counselor Daniel “Duke” Orsino is announcing his candidacy for Philadelphia City Council-at-large. Mr. Orsino, an LGBTQ+ Progressive Democrat, has proposed what is arguably one of the most innovative campaign platforms in in quite some time. If implemented, Mr. Orsino’s vision would fundamentally transform daily life not just in Philadelphia but in a large portion of the Delaware Valley. Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 22.16.10

Mr. Orsino’s platform includes better city services, expanding social service programs & funding, more programs & protections for older adults, citywide universal healthcare, protecting the right to unionize, free community college, protecting LGBTQ+ rights, public banking & a municipally owned stock exchange, total school modernization, universal preschool, fighting poverty, and complying with the Green New Deal. Mr. Orsino is also proposing to expand and completely reform the city’s public housing, vastly expanding availability and exploring new concepts that will rethink how we define government-owned residences. 

A quintessential part of Mr. Orsino’s plan is the largest expansion to the city’s public transit system in over a century, with the addition of new subway lines, extending SEPTA service from Center City into South Jersey, and the acquisition of a SEPTA-owned and operated fleet of paratransit vehicles (instead of the third-party, non-union service currently in use). 

Daniel Orsino currently works as a housing counselor at Congreso de Latinos Unidos. He serves on the LGBT Elder Initiative Advisory Council. He previously served as a senior center counselor & social service coordinator at North City Congress’ Northern Living Center. In 2021, Mr. Orsino was named one of Al DÍA News’ Forty Under 40 for his work on the North City Queer Elder Project (Project NorCi), a culturally competent program he designed to reach LGBTQ+ elders in Black and Brown communities who are normally othered by the mainstream social service organizations. 

Mr. Orsino, (once Republican, now a Democratic Socialist) ran previously for city council in 2019. He was endorsed by Philly Progressives, among other organizations. Although he lost his race, he made history as the first LGBTQ+ person (of any party) to be on the ballot for city council in a general election in Philadelphia’s History.  

Mr. Orsino will host his official campaign launch and press conference on December 15th, on the steps of North City Congress (827 N Franklin St, Philadelphia PA 19123). You can learn more about Mr. Orsino by visiting his web site: