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CORRECTION regarding City Police Chief/City Administrator

CORRECTION/UPDATED( September 10, 2022)—It has been brought to our attention by Police Chief/City Administrator Brian Morrell that he has three and half more years to work before he can retire; that his salary is based on the last year of his employment. Morrell also took exception to our statement that no one could perform two jobs and do them efficiently. Stating, "You do not know what I do or don't do, you just assumed. Why do you continue to bash me?"


Our position remains that no one can perform two jobs, and do them well. And, if we are wrong why have taxpayers been paying different salaries to a police chief and city administrator all these years. That is our opinion, and it is also been the opinion of other people we have spoken with.  We have no personal vendetta against Mr. Morrell and have no reason to "bash" him. In fact, as he mentioned today, recently he helped us with a police matter involving a relative who lives in another county and was having a health issue. It was a police matter; who else would you turn to but your local police chief. At the time we thank him for his assistance as we did again today when we spoke with him. We would feel the same way whether it was him or someone else that was holding down two city jobs. We suggested a study, to see whether we need both titles. And at the same time let's look at other departments to see if the one person for two jobs can be effective. We have been wrong before, if this idea works in other departments we would welcome the local tax savings. 

If Mr. Morrell would like to make a public statement about his daily work schedule laying out all his duties we would gladly publish it. 

~William E. Cleary Sr.