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Brainy Games to Get That Grey Matter Moving

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Whether you consider yourself something of a genius already or are just hoping to dust off the cobwebs a little, playing a game that encourages your brain to really think is never a bad thing. Games can be a great way to get that grey matter moving because we actually want to play them. We know that tasks like learning a language or completing a mathematics degree are going to be good for our brains, but they require a whole lot more willpower to achieve. Games on the other hand are innately fun and can still provide us with some much-needed brain-boosting power. So, if you're looking for a mental workout, these are our favorites.


Wordle is a word game that's absolutely taken the world by storm lately. The New York Times recently acquired the game for a reported $1 million, based on the simplicity of the model and also the sheer number of people who were visiting the site. The game gives you six rows of five blank squares and asks you to work out what the five-letter word is. You slot the letters that you want to guess into the squares and the ones that you get correct turn green, the ones that are correct but in the wrong location turn yellow and the incorrect letters turn gray. You'll use this information to inform your next turn and hopefully guess the word in six goes or fewer. It's simple, but a good mental workout, especially for those who are looking to improve their vocabulary.



Poker is an excellent card game to choose because it allows you to work on not just your math skills, but logic and interpersonal skills too. You need logic in order to be able to play your cards effectively, math to work out your pot odds as cards get dealt, and interpersonal skills to decipher if someone is bluffing. If you've got a card club local to you then that can be a good place to learn, but working it out online is worthwhile too. One of the great things about living in this state is how simple it is to play poker in PA. This guide to the pros and cons of playing in this state explains about the best sites to use, as well as why our location matters.


When it comes to games that have been leading the way for centuries, chess is without a doubt the winner. This game has been dividing the brainy from the not-so-brainy for centuries now, and it is a great game to learn if you really want to focus on your logic skills as it's a game of open information. This means that both players can see all the pieces on the board, giving them exactly the same amount of information as each other. Both having all the information means that it really is a test of the maximum capabilities of each person, and not only that, but you're under time pressure too. If the idea fills you with dread then seeing how you fair online first is probably recommended. However, if you think that you've got what it takes, then you could enter yourself into a local tournament. They're regularly held all around Pennsylvania and if you get really good you could earn the coveted grandmaster title.