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A Guide To The Best Time Tracking App

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The differences between time-tracking tools are significant. That's why we can roughly divide them into two categories: tools for recording working hours and tools for monitoring working hours by individual projects.

However, there is software that offers solutions for working time records, with the help of which it is possible to monitor the working hours of employees and the productivity of employees by projects. You can read more about the clock-in-clock-out-app below


What is a time tracking?

Also, the system can record the days when the employee is on sick leave. In the system, it is possible to set the time when you want employees to be able to come to work, as well as specific days when everyone must be present. Based on the features you get with a particular tool, you'll get different types of alerts. For example, you will be notified if one of the employees did not show up on time.

However, you can set your own criteria for different sectors. The result is accurate recording of working hours and attendance of employees, as well as vacations and other absences. You can also manage and optimize the earnings calculation.

The popular time tracking method

If you want to avoid mistakes, don't rely on manual timecards for tracking. Employees either sign in and out or are responsible for recording and reporting how many hours they worked and when.

Managers must routinely collect all employee time cards or reports, check them for accuracy in terms of hours worked, overtime, and correct any errors. It's a lot of unnecessary work.

How to choose time tracking software?

The first thing you need to do is create a priority list to select the features you need. However, all businesses should opt for a productivity function. It allows you to analyze the total time of employees, which refers to the level of activity, app usage, etc.

Invoicing is another useful feature, because with it you won't have to send invoices manually. Another good feature is project budgeting. The software will warn you if you are close to exceeding your budget. Finally, don't waste a lot of time creating reports manually. Now you can get a lot more done in less time with an automated report. The appropriate clock-in clock-out app will save the filters and generate regular reports.

Benefits of time tracking

In any case, you need a quality tool that registers the working hours of employees. Cloud solutions for timekeeping have many advantages. It is necessary to ensure that employees do not work more than the legally permitted number of overtime hours and that they use at least legally prescribed rest days (daily and weekly rest) and guaranteed annual leave days.

The easiest way to achieve this is to get a multi-function software that is flexible and accurate enough. In the system, you can plan daily working hours, that is, the planned number of working hours, and in this way, you can check how many overtime hours an employee has at the end of the day. Also, employees can submit requests for leave


Do not forget that not every clock in clock out app has the same capabilities and the same purpose. So do your research before making a decision. It may be a recommendation from your colleagues who have had a positive experience with a particular tool, but always check the reviews.