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THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY: South Jersey Hospital Ratings - Part II

The State of New York says it isn't so.  Legally-grown marijuana plants intended for sale through government-approved dispensaries - 300,000 plants or $750 million worth of pot - are rapidly rotting on the vine, so to speak.  It doesn't take a lawyer to see this one coming, so here it is.  The New York government gave priority for dispensary approval to people who have had prior pot offensives or members of their families with the same offensives.  Prior business ownership or management is a plus. Images-3
Think about this.  A very young shift manager from McDonalds who has been arrested for pot possession will get a dispensary license before a mature business person with a health care or chemistry background and a clean police record.  Does that sound right?
A civil rights group didn't think it was right and filed a discrimination suit.  The law moves slowly, but nature does not.  The pot is wildering and will soon be dead.  There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, however. New York City wants everyone to know that marijuana is available on most street corners from vendor carts that South Jersey/Philadelphia residents associate with soft pretzel vendors.  Ya gotta love NYC!
A serious note: Street marijuana has been found to contain fentanyl and is now killing users.  You might want to use only state-approved dispensaries.
Say It Isn't So
November 19th came and went with absolutely no fanfare, thank you everyone.  Little did we know that the United Nations Organization has put that date aside for National Toilet Day!  Yes, you read that one correctly.  It can and does get worse, though.
Gavin Newson, Governor of California and 2024 Presidental hopeful, approved a $2 million, one-stall "Johnny-on-the-Spot," which, if it happens at all is scheduled to be a 10-year project.
Say It Isn't So
The Biden Administration bowed to the United Nations Organization pressure for industrialized nations (that's us) to build a fund to give reparations to developing nations for climate change.  That means our tax dollars are going to third-world countries because we use so many planes, cars, etc., and they don't.  Let's explore this.
The biggest polluters according to the government, are cars.  However, scientists say it is private planes.   Every year there is a global summit on carbon emissions.  The representatives took 400 private planes to the summit.  
Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg took 1,7000 trips in his (taxpayers?) private jet between August, 2018 and August, 2022.  Was he ever in NYC?
The federal government has a fleet of private jets for officials.  This is public knowledge since they are paid for by taxpayers.  However, the exact number of private jets and who has use of them is "classified."
Donald Trump's private jet cost $5 million plus or minus.  Kim Kardashian paid $35 million for her jet and then spent $60 million to decorate it.  She needs to read The Art of the Deal.
Celebrities just have to have their own jets.  But two jets?  That group would include Taylor Swift, Jackie Chan, Steven Spielberg, Elon Musk, and 50 Cent.
There couldn't possibly be a reason to have three jets.  But Mark Cuban thinks so.  He has three.
Do I hear four?  Going once, going twice, sold! to Bill Gates.  Bill needs four private jets to get from place to place.
Surely, no one has five jets.  No way.  Couldn't possibly be true, except for the actor who built his home with plane hangars attached.  The jet man would be...John Travolta.
Five jets while we taxpayers will be paying other countries for our celebrities' sins?  
Say it isn't so!