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What Is The Biggest Military Base In Your State?



1.    c. toward the river
2.    a. the Kittyhawk
3.    c. 514
4.    c. 1902
5.    d. She refused to holster her gun.
6.    a. 1888
7.    a. February, 1961
8.    c. or d.  It depends how "dainty" your parents thought their daughters were.  
9.    a. Sherrif West
10.  fill in as many as you can, we'll print the answers later. 
How much do you know about the city in which you live or were raised?  Here are 10 questions about our town with four possible answers.  Some questions go back 300 years and some go back 300 minutes.  Let us know how you did (if you want to) in the comments.
1.  You are standing in the middle of Monmouth St. and Broadway.  You read an article in Cleary's Note Book that an accident occurred two blocks west.  In what direction will you walk?
a.    toward Camden
b.    toward Brooklawn
c.    toward the river
d.    toward Johnson's Blvd.
2.  The New York Shipbuilding Company employed many people in Gloucester City and surrounding towns.  What was the largest ship hull ever laid?  It was in 1956 but the ship wasn't christened for several more years.
a.    the Kittyhawk
b.    the Ronald Reagan
c.    the Nautilus
d.    the United States
3.   According to the New York Shipbuilding Company's on-line museum, how many ships were built there?
a.    314
b.    414
c.    514
d.    614
4.   Annie Oakley came to Gloucester City for a shooting demonstration (and maybe a wager or two.)  When did Annie visit our town?
a.    1885
b     1892
c.    1902
d.    1907
5.  Annie is said to have had dinner at the Mansion House and then took a ferry to Philadelphia, where she immediately arrested.  Why?
a.    She shot someone on the ferry
b.    She was caught betting on the ferry
c.    She had no identification
d.    She refused to holster her gun.
6.   When was the St. Mary's Church which is now on Monmouth Street built?
a.    1888
b.    1893
c.    1900
d.    1901
7.    In what Month/year was the "new" high school opened?  (Rt. 130 and Market St.)
a.    February, 1961
b.    September, 1961
c.    September, 1962
d.    June, 1962
8.    Where are/were the Hinkey-Dinks? 
a.    They were dug up to lay the current railroad separating east from west sides of the city.
b.    They ran alongside the "Peanut Line."
c     They still exist in certain sections of South Jersey
d.    Only boys/men over age 70 know because girls were considered "too dainty" to play there.
9.    Who originally built and lived in the Municipal Building on the corner of Monmouth Street and Broadway (late 1800s.)
a.    Sherrif West
b.    William Thompson, the Duke of Gloucester.
c.    Patrick Stewart (who built most of Gloucester City east of the railroad.)
d.    Patrick Mealey
10.    There are 21 counties in New Jersey and many of the street on the west side of Broadway were named after them.  How many can you name?  List them in the comments.