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One Big Happy Life has 217,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of views. After graduating from Yale LawFounder Scarlett Cochran worked as a banking and consumer finance attorney for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. She has also served her country with the Marine Corps.  

Cochran built her dream life after starting off as a single teen mom living below the poverty line. She wished there had been a guide to help her through her hard times; to pay it forward, she wrote IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY: A Proven Path to Building Wealth and Living the Rich Life You Deserve (Penguin Random House / Avery; on sale Feb. 7, 2023).


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One of the key points that sets Cochran apart is her unconventional, seemingly counter-intuitive financial advice (that has worked for her personally), like how debt can be a financial tool and how you can find your own path to financial freedom while still enjoying your life today


Cochran wants to empower others to take control of their financial lives so that they can make decisions that align with their vision for their best life. Her holistic guide provides the tools people need to "build better money habits and grow their wealth over time while also prioritizing spending for joy along the way. The book also contains exercises readers can revisit for years to come. 


Do any of these “rules” sound familiar? Don’t buy that five-dollar coffee! Debt is terrible! Live below your means!  

Cochran’s approach is different. Lattes and millions are not mutually exclusive in her book. 

Have big goals for your life, like buying your dream house, traveling the world, or leaving a meaningful legacy for your family? Your money can make all of that possible for you—and more. Cochran can help even those who think they’re “bad with money” to define their personal path to building wealth their way, including how to: 

  • redefine wealth 
  • change your money story 
  • expand your money capacity 
  • define your version of a rich life 
  • create your money practice 


This is a book about money, but it’s not really about the money. It’s about the doors that open when you understand how to put your money to work to create the life that you want. It introduces a new way to understand personal finance—because the old ways just don’t cut it anymore. Empower yourself to truly own your money and make financial decisions confidently, based on your unique vision of what a good life looks like.  


Scarlett Cochran is an attorney, financial expert, and entrepreneur. In her career as a lawyer, she worked on behalf of everyday Americans at government agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (where she worked on fair lending and equity issues). Since launching One Big Happy Life, Cochran and her partner, Joseph, have touched the lives of millionsGood Morning America, Forbes, CNBC, Oprah and more have featured her. 


Additional topics Cochran discusses: 

  • The 7 money capacities to focus on growing in order to master your money 
  • How to recognize and overcome the unconscious money stories that stop us from feeling confident in our financial lives 
  • Creating a money practice that allows you to manage your money with ease and reach your financial and life goals with confidence 
  • How to feel good about your finances no matter where you are on your financial journey 
  • How to say goodbye to deprivation and spend your money guilt-free today while still building wealth for your financial future 
  • How to continue to thrive financially even through challenging and unexpected times–making your financial goals inevitable. 
  • How to define your own vision of what a rich life looks like so that you can start living that life right now 
  • How to create a one-year spending plan and rethink your budget 
  • The 3 core purposes of money  
  • Creating your rich life (grow your capacity, define your rich life, and create a money practice to build better money habits)  
  • How to establish a money practice (applying a system and calibrating that system to reach your goals)  
  • Why debt has gotten a bad rap 
  • How to simplify your finances after you’ve created your money practice (streamline, automate, schedule) 


You can see Scarlett’s energy pop on this Good Morning America clip: