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GCHS Announces The Peyton Family Scholars Program

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 10,2022)--Patrick Peyton, Class of 1977, has come full circle in his support of Gloucester Catholic students. Back in 2012, Peyton funded one of Gloucester Catholic's first scholarship Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 18.23.34 programs -- the Patrick Peyton-Fred Webb Scholarships, scholarships that helped a generation of Ram students from Camden County afford a GC education and move on to college careers. 

And now Patrick and his wife Jaleh have announced they will provide scholarship help for a new generation of Ram students. The scholarships, known as the Peyton Family Scholarships, will be awarded to several Ram students beginning with the 2023-24 school year. 

Patrick, a successful businessman in thermal processing tools and technology for worldwide industries, has been one of the school's most important donors for more than a decade. Aside from funding multiple generous scholarship programs, he was also the lead donor of the Patrick Peyton Athletic Complex in Sewell, NJ and a supporter of additional educational ventures at the school. 

He is happy to begin his quest to help a new generation of Ram students, a quest that began recently when he saw what other GC alums were doing to help the school. 

"Looking at what other alumni are doing encouraged me to support another scholars program," said Patrick. "This goes back a long way. I remember when John Colman (former Principal) told us that Gloucester Catholic really needed help with scholarships for the kids. So, we funded our first scholarship in 2012 -- and today, it's still an honor to continue supporting our students."

Mr. Peyton's first scholarship was named in honor of former teacher Fred Webb, who encouraged Patrick to attend college when he was a senior in 1977. That type of support from caring teachers is exactly what Mr. Peyton hopes his scholar students will find today while attending Gloucester Catholic. 

"I would have never had the life I have if Fred Webb did not take the time to encourage me in class and to sit with me after school to fill out college applications," said Mr. Peyton.  "Having Fred as a teacher was the catalyst for my success. Fred Webb said you CAN go to college, you can be successful -- and his daily encouragement helped me believe in myself. That's exactly the type of support I know our current students can find today at Gloucester Catholic. That’s why we (alumni) must ensure that any student that wants to go to Gloucester Catholic, can go to Gloucester Catholic."

Patrick and Jaleh, who believe strongly in the value of a private school education and provide that gift to their 11 grandchildren, understand how important it is for alumni to give back. 

"It's important that this school continues for many years -- it was instrumental for me," Mr. Peyton said. "Everything I have today can be traced back to my experience at this school, so it is critically important for me to give back to it. This is a great community."

Gloucester Catholic is so grateful to have committed alumni like Patrick Peyton who are willing to give back to the school to allow a GC education to become a reality for so many of our families!