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’The Tricky Riddles Book for Smart Kids’ Released

DaddiLife Books, have a simple and increasingly vital mission - “to create a place where Dads can learn, grow and celebrate the life that is dad.” Fatherhood is often ignored in popular culture or the media, and Daddilife puts the spotlight back on the important relationship between Dad and child.

Part of fulfilling that mission is publishing books that the whole family can enjoy. Their latest popular release, ’The Tricky Riddles Book for Smart Kids’, Is jam-packed with over three hundred challenging questions and riddles that turn learning and problem solving into joyful activities the whole family can have fun with together. Importantly whilst great fun, the book has been designed with a focus to boost brain power and brain development in young children.


Riddles are as old as time, but they're not only fun, they help boost brain power by getting kids to think more ‘laterally’ and more creatively.

In this book of brain teasers and riddles for smart kids, you will have a unique collection of riddles split into three different levels - from easy to genius - which get trickier as you go through the book. The answers are at the back of each level if all else fails.

And they're not just great for kids, they're also a fantastic way to create more fun as a family - whether at breakfast, traveling with the kids, or even with their friends.

Just be warned your kids may become a riddle masters and outsmart you in no time!

“At DaddiLife, we’re committed to providing the best information to Dads, so they can get busy enjoying the marvel that is fatherhood,” says Han-Son, from DaddiLife Books. “Whether they want to know the best, corniest Dad Jokes, or what an AGPAR score is, we have their back.”

Continuing, “That’s why DaddiLife Books are such an important extension of the relationship we have with Dads all over the world. The books bring families around the table together - solving challenges, learning new things - in a completely age-appropriate way. ‘The Tricky Riddles Book for Smart Kids’ is going to save many a rainy afternoon or long car ride, and I guarantee kids - and Dads& Mom’s for that matter - aren’t going to want to put it down!”

The Tricky Riddles Book for Smart Kids is an ideal fun pastime during the school holidays and the perfect stocking-filler Christmas gift.

‘The Tricky Riddles Book for Smart Kids’ is available now:

To learn more about DaddiLife, visit:

About the author:

DaddiLife Books are the publishing division of DaddiLife - the world’s leading platform for modern day dads, and this book has been personally tested with fathers across the community.