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The Gloucester City Crime Reports/Part II

Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet
I don't like being used as the city's ATM.  And in return, what do I (or we) get?  That's an easy answer.  Not enough!  I realize that things change over the years, but there is a difference between routine change over time and spending the taxpayers' money irresponsibly. 
There are a few things that we've always had that have been taken away, regardless of the city payroll increasing exponentially.  Something so simplistic as weekly police and fire reports.  Why can't the taxpayers know what is happening in their town, especially now that crime is so abundant.  Our part-time Police Chief/part-time interim City Administrator says that such a report, which has always been available, is now too much work.
That's not a problem for me.  I'm retired and have plenty of time on my hands, so I volunteered to do the work.  I sent the e-mail below to Brian Morrell, volunteering my time.  I also copied the mayor and council.  In return, I received an e-mail which followed from Councilman Derrick Timm.  Don't spend a lot of time reading it; that's impossible.  I feel that the return e-mail is telling me, "shut up, stay out of our secrets but keep your debit card handy; we're going to need it."
To Brian Morrell

I understand that making a list of police calls can take some time, and for that reason, I would like to volunteer to do the work.  I have lived in Gloucester City all my life and, am retired with time on my hands, have several college degrees and 25 years of teaching experience.

I looked at the police web page and clicked on the tab for the crime map.  However, when I went into the site listed, I got Error 404.  The people in town have a right to know what is happening either by the Gloucester City News (online) or by the city's website.
Please let me know how I can help.

-----Original Message-----
From: Derek Timm <[email protected]>
To: Dorothy Philbin <[email protected]>
Sent: Tue, Oct 4, 2022 9:06 am
Subject: Re: Crime Reports

Thank you for reaching out.
Let me begin that the information contained here does not represent the views on behalf of the city. The views expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect the community or City at whole. Let me be abundantly clear though. This email will not be a forum for debate from myself and I will not reply to any specific comments. All discussion regarding city matters will only come from official city documentation from the City’s Attorney, City’s Administrator, or publicly at council meetings unless it is an immediate safety concern or hazard to the public. This is due to possible legal liability concerns, OPRA, and confidentiality purposes. The proper method and authorities to speak on these types of matters would be publicly at City Council meetings or via standard mail/email would be City Attorney Howard Long and City Administrator Chief Brian Morrel. They are the experts of what can and cannot be shared publicly. Feel free to send the issues you feel need to be addressed or want me to be cognizant of in case an action needs to occur, Department Heads need to be notified, status update request with Committee handling problem, or if an Ordinance needs to be created to correct an issue. You can rest assured though as just as I read this email, I will read any future correspondence and act accordingly and appropriately especially if it is something that needs to be addressed and investigate items that affect our health, safety, and quality of life.
Just a reminder, I will read your thoughts and concerns, but be aware that an answer will only be brought up through the proper channels I mentioned above so that it can be formally documented. The council meetings are held twice a month at 313 Monmouth Street, Gloucester City, NJ 08030. The caucus sessions are the 3rd Thursday at 6pm and regular council meetings are the 4th Thursday at 7pm. If you wish to speak at the meeting be prepared with a description of the problem along with any supporting documentation and best method to contact you back if reply is deemed necessary by the city.
Appreciate your communication and concern.
Derek Timm
Gloucester City Councilman At Large
P.O. Box 150
Gloucester City, NJ 08030
(856) 456-0205
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