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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Ongoing Parking Problems by the Middle School and throughout the West Side of Gcity
Joseph A. Keown, 3rd, 81, of Mt. Ephraim

CNBNews Point of View: What Would Those Running For Gloucester City Council Do?


Looking at the parking problems near the Middle School mentioned by Mr. Eberle and the derelict vehicles parked throughout the west side of Gloucester City, the question is why those running our City allow these problems to exist.

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City ordinances were passed in the 1960s designating the police and later the Housing Authority, to enforce that legislation. But in most cases nothing is done.

Unless you complain loud enough, then and only then will action be taken. Earlier this year, we pointed out similar vehicles violating the city statutes parked on Little Ridgeway Street. Thankfully after that problem was made public the issue was resolved.

The 30-plus police officers and the six Housing officers can't tell us they don't see the violations as they are in plain view. Likewise, the seven incumbent members of the City Council can't use that excuse either.

 It would be nice to know what the eight candidates running for Gloucester City Council (five Democrats and three Republicans) would do about this problem if elected on November 8. All we have heard so far this campaign cycle are promises but no solutions. The campaign literature from both sides contains nothing but the same old "World Salad" we hear every election. 

Our question is, How would you, Mr. Candidate address the illegal parking in the Middle School neighborhood? And what would you do about the derelict cars and other vehicles found in every residential area of our City? If you like to respond, forward your remarks to [email protected].