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Leo Michaluk, Jr., 79, of Westmont

LETTERS TO THE ED: Are You Finally Ready for Change?

Voters of Gloucester City, are you finally ready for change? 


  • Are you tired of failed redevelopment projects on the riverfront and elsewhere?


  • Are you tired of ever-rising taxes and rampant cronyism?


  • Do you want a fresh start for our beloved Gloucester City? 


You can take a major step in a new direction by electing Republicans Fanning, Muller, and Kates for Gloucester City Council At-Large!  Whether you vote by mail, take advantage of early in-person voting or vote the traditional way on Election Day, November 8th the best thing you can do for your community and yourselves is to vote for change now by voting for Fanning Muller and Kates.


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While you are contemplating a change in Gloucester City, why not also vote for change at the national level and retire ‘Dirty Don’ Norcross from the house? A vote for Claire Gustafson for Congress is our best hope to counter the Biden Administration’s attack on the middle class which is currently being ravaged by runaway inflation, supply-chain shortages, and an unrestrained desire to control every facet of your life!

The choice is up to you, the future of your city and the country is in your hands.

Harry E. Brown GHS’65

Belvidere, N.J.