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CNBNews Point of View: What Would Those Running For Gloucester City Council Do?

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Ongoing Parking Problems by the Middle School and throughout the West Side of Gcity

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 10.12.05Corner of Market and Joy Streets (photo provided)
Attached are photos of the ongoing parking problems (parked on the corner and in both crosswalks) at the intersection of Market and Joy Sts., which is across the street from the Middle School. We have a privilege problem with people who believe they are entitled to convenient parking while ignoring public safety.  Public safety is a fundamental right, and driving and everything associated with it is a privilege.
As I leave for work in the morning, I drive by cars parked on the corners or in crosswalks or blocking fire hydrants. How many accidents occur at intersections where a driver's view was obstructed due to illegally parked vehicles? We don't know since the police or fire call reports are no longer released to the news media for publication.
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 11.17.10Permit parking is not enforced (photo provided)
Ironically, I was pulled over multiple times in Brooklawn and Gloucester City while waiting for a replacement license plate. Both cars shown in my photos have expired inspection stickers (the blue car has not seen an inspection station since 2019). And as these vehicles are creating an obstacle for children or maybe someone in a wheelchair to cross the street safely, there is a driveway at the rear of this property that held an unregistered and un-plated vehicle for months.
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 10.11.07
Add in the other folks who are part of the public safety process, it makes it very difficult to stay and keep a lovely home when you are surrounded by entitled people waiting for the government to fix their accountability issues. It is very easy to see why people pack up and move out while the people who have already left see Gloucester as the Holy City and romanticize the beautiful things happening here from places far away.
Noteworthy items-
  • They have gone around town to paint the curbs yellow to show no parking areas, which is a step in the right direction.
  • Up and down Market Street- Drivers park cars on the curb damaging the brick sidewalks, which were part of the street project and the lighting.
  • Possible Solution-Alternate Side Parking (NYC) Odd days-No parking on Odd side of the street during the day and even days-No parking on the even side of the street during the day, which leaves one side of the road open, leaving more space for the truck traffic since Market is county highway. 
For the folks who complain that they want a space in front of their house, sweeper tickets are crap, etc.-Bristol PA is similarly sized to Gloucester City, and they don't have these issues because they believe in public safety. Park on a corner, ticket within the hour (our construction vans were ticketed for the tires touching the curb). Why can't that happen in Gloucester? 
There is Permit Parking near the Middle school, and it has been said, "It won't be enforced." As a result, people park all over, including driveways, waiting to pick up children from school. I can't wait for football games to be played at that school.
Bob Eberle
EDITOR'S NOTE: Sadly, Mr. Eberle's problem is not unique. Recently, CNBNews reporter/columnist Dorothy Philbin took photos of people violating parking laws throughout the city's west side. Here are just a few of those pictures. 
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 15.47.57

Maybe the City Parking ordinance has changed, but as far as we know, you cannot park a truck permanently on the city-owned King Street parking lot near the Firehouse or any other city parking lot. The vehicle also has an expired inspection sticker. Nor can you park a 30-foot Boston Whaler boat permanently on Cumberland Street. 
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 15.48.22
For some strange reason, the owners of these cars surrounding this Monmouth Street fire hydrant never heard that what they were doing was illegal. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 16.23.41The pickup truck on the left, which is sitting on cinder blocks, and the station wagon with an expired registration sticker, are parked on City-owned parking lots located on Burlington Streets.