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The Story Behind The Story: Another Question for the Gloucester City Council Candidates

GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (In the spring a long-time public works employee was accused of stealing city property and using a city account for personal purchases.  Old-time Gloucesterites know the details, no reason to go into them here. Feather_pen_ink_3_5
Each time the part-time Chief of Police is asked about the status of the alleged incident the answer is the same "under investigation."  It didn't take this long for the Warren Commission to investigate the Kennedy assassination (hyperbole, but making a point.)
I would like to know from each candidate if, by January 1, 2023 when the new city government is formed, this accusation has not been settled and the taxpayers given the facts of the settlement, would he support turning this case over to the Camden County Prosecutor's Office or to the State Police? 
The answer, if no, is not going to make the candidate popular with the taxpayers who will see this as "more of the same old."  If the answer is yes, the candidate is not going to be popular with the "more of the same" city officials.
I believe this is what is called "go or get off the pot" time.