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Coming to Gloucester City, NJ: " The Wave", A New Public Landmark in Proprietors Park

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GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (October 3, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--After several years of development, "The Wave" will be rising in Proprietors Park. The unveiling will occur on October 8, 2022, at 4 pm at Proprietors Park, Gloucester City, NJ,  during our Pack the Park Fall Festival celebration. The installation, dedicated to former Mayor  Bill James and created in partnership with the Hearth Community Fund, was designed by NY based artist Winter Willoughby-Spera as part of a winning plan to beautify and redevelop  Gloucester City's historic harbor front. "The Wave" showcases hundreds of fish sculptures  painted by residents of all ages in response to the prompt: "What does Gloucester City mean to  you?" The fish are symbolic of each citizen's story, forming "The Wave" that represents the legacy of Gloucester's historic waterfront and the promise of the city's future in its community.  

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In 2015, Willoughby-Spera envisioned visitors approaching an installation that celebrates  Gloucester City's history as a fishing village (as depicted in the famous Thomas Eakins painting  — "The Shad Fisherman") while looking through the glass shoal of colorful fish to the modern skyline of the city's harbor. Now, in 2022, Willoughby-Spera sees a new meaning for the new city landmark. After years of the pandemic and unforeseen obstacles, "The Wave" is a  reminder of the city's resilience and the need—more than ever— to come together as a  community.  


Former Mayor William James, to whom the "The Wave" is dedicated, described the proposal as an "exciting design for the Betsy Ross Pavilion [that] celebrates what is great about Gloucester  City — a historical past; a closely knit, proud community in the present and a promising future as we enjoy and develop our beautiful waterfront. We thank Winter and the Hearth  Community Fund for enhancing the Betsy Ross Pavilion." In 2022, Mayor Baile and  Gloucester City Council are happy to complete this project with the assistance of the State of NJ  DCA Neighborhood Preservation Program funding. “This is the first major statement of “Public  Art in the City, which will attract many visitors to our great City and to Proprietors Park for its location and its beautiful views,” stated Mayor Dayl Baile.  

The Wave was created in partnership with the Hearth Community Fund and the City of Gloucester. The installation was  fabricated and managed by dedicated teams across New York and New Jersey: 3form, Driftwood Millwork, David  Kufferman Structures, and Alchemy Surfaces.  

The Hearth Community Fund is a non-profit 501 C3 corporation that seeks to serve Gloucester City by creating community improvement initiatives that enhance the beauty and attraction of the City's downtown and waterfront.  Revitalization projects in these critical areas help create jobs, support home values, and foster neighborhood pride.  Please contact us with questions by emailing Trustee Tom Monahan at [email protected] or visiting our website at Donations are always welcome for future grants. The NJDCA NPP program can be contacted at

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