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Dorothy Philbin | CNBNewsnet


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (September 19, 2022)(CNBNewsnet)--While working on an educational project I found statistics on the city households which led me to look into crime statistics.  It is supposedly a fact that students from traditional households (married mother and father) make out better in school and commit fewer crimes.  I decided to see if that holds true.  In a prior article I compared Gloucester City with Woodbury.  This time I threw in Brooklawn just for flavor.

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Students in Gloucester City:  55% come from traditional families; 17% of the parents co-habit; 26% of our students come from feamale-only households and only 2% come from male-only households.
Students from Brooklawn aren't too different. 56% of them come from traditional households; only 2% of the parents co-habit; 33% of the students live in come from female-only households and 8% come from male-only households.
Students from Woodbury have totally different demographics.  In Woodbury only 35% of their students come from traditional households; 4% of the parents co-habit; an unbelievable 57% of their students come from female-only households and none from male-only households. It seems Woodbury lost 4% of their students as their numbers amount to only 96%.  Woodbury should also have a far greater number of crimes.
The crime statistics come from the New Jersey State Police and only count January to March of 2021, the last year available. 
Gloucester City had 4 robberies, Brooklawn and Woodbury had none.
Gloucester City had 4 assaults, Brooklawn had 3 and Woodbury had none,
Gloucester City had 4 burglaries, Brooklawn had 2 and Woodbury had none.
Gloucester City had 39 larcenies, Brooklawn had 26 and Woodbury had 46.
Gloucester City had 3 auto thefts, Brooklawn had none but Woodbury had 3.
Gloucester City had 54 crimes, Brooklawn had 31, and Woodbury 55.
Instead of Gloucester City and Brooklawn having a similar number of crimes, Brooklawn is much lower.  Where it looked as though Woodbury should have had many more crimes than Gloucester City, the two towns were pretty equal.  So, it seems that there are other factors involved.  The next time we will see how well the students do academically.  That may be the missing factor.