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Modular wall system: features and functions


Modular wall system is a modern construction, created for various exhibitions. This is a type of stand where artists can place their masterpieces. Such a stand allows you to create the right space for customer’s perception, strictly observing the corporate style and industry specifics! Thanks to modern systems, professionals can develop an optimal budget and high-quality stand for your efficient exhibition! This is a rational solution for the participants of exhibition events in galleries and museums. Wall systems are the basis of the standard and booth construction, thanks to which it is possible to create a stand with various architectural and design solutions!

What are art walls?

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Removable walls are convenient and versatile designs that are created according to an individual project using basic and standard elements. They differ from standard designs by the presence of exclusive elements that emphasize the corporate style and industry specifics of the artist. From exclusive to the use of basic structural elements, which can significantly reduce the overall cost. 


Ordering art wall panels is definitely beneficial, because you will get an effective solution at the best price. It is an excellent choice for active exhibitors, which is great for direct sales, attracting the target audience, negotiating and making success!  

Features of portable walls

Paneled wall art is created from the following characteristic components:

  • Basis standard exhibition elements made of reusable and sustainable material of various geometric forms;
  • Decor three-dimensional  modular wall system of any form and color. What is more, such a construction can be mounted in several minutes, with an opportunity of creating any form by connecting the walls at any positions of a wall run, entirely grid independent. 
  • Lighting special spotlights, which are installed on aluminum beams and openwork trusses;


The design and production process is carried out by a team of professionals, which consists of their creative and technical specialists. Creative ideas are embodied in the design studio that allow you to visualize the future exhibition space. The wall modular production process is carried out on innovative equipment with strict control of each stage. 

Benefits of exhibition walls

Wall systems for an exhibition have a plethora of advantages:

  • Construction of high products of various forms (thanks to corner and angel profiles there is an opportunity to create endless design projects).
  • Possibility of internal illumination.
  • Durability - this construction can be used a lot of times.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of special tools, packed in bags.
  • Modular wall cost.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Lightweight and no dust construction.
  • 175 colors and textures available.
  • Ability to repaint the surface.


The images can be interchangeable, as they are easily attached with magnetic tapes or inserted into collapsible frames. The stand may be made of any configuration and the desired size. Having a mobile stand, one or two people are able to quickly and efficiently carry out an art event anywhere!  For single-person presentations, vertical banner extensions (several types are available) are ideal. Finally, the use of modular wall system for advertising and information purposes is also justified in shops, offices, educational institutions, etc. Createyour own design project for any purpose anywhere!